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Resolved! Mesh router and three points - Internet but no Apple Music

Three points working very well for Internet. However on my iPhone in the Home app + option, Add Services > Music no Apple music service under More Music services . Youtube Spotify No Default and Deezer all there but no apple Music Service. I have Ama...

BigBadger by Community Member
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Resolved! Wifi network with two google nest wifi router - Ethernet port?

Hello If I create a wifi network with two google nest wifi routers, where one acts as a router (on the living room floor) and the other acts as a point (1st floor).Is it then possible to use an ethernet cable from the router on the 1st floor router t...

Pesen333 by Community Member
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Nest point and google WiFi point are down

I have a nest wifi router, a nest point and a Google wifi point. Since yesterday points are down. I've restarted the router several times and nothing has changed. Any idea what is going on?Thanks

papaperro by Community Member
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My one Nest unit is a brick

Hi guysI have a nest network with 4 units active and working nicely. One of the units in the pack can’t however be found using the Home App.It’s visible on the WiFi network, but I can’t connect since it wants a password. Home just does not see it, no...

AnthonyO by Community Member
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Ethernet ports on google nest mesh router quit working

I have a 3 router system. Today the Ethernet ports on the 2 routers I have placed around my house, the ones not connected to the cable modem, quit working. It doesn't look like there has been a recent firmware update the version being run is 13099.11...

balcorn62 by Community Member
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Nest wifi

So, I'm curious why my mesh network changed and is now displaying speeds that are way lower than what I was usually getting. I'm running 1 GB/s from my gateway.

DLenner88 by Community Member
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Wifi Mesh point Weak Connection

I have a 1400 sq ft 2 level townhome. I have had 2 Nest Wifi Routers hooked up, one upstairs and one downstairs. It has worked well but I wanted to add a third. So I hooked it up and was literally 7 feet, in view from the main point and it was saying...

Resolved! App shows wifi router offline, but speedtest on computer is fine

We have had our two dots for a couple of years. Today, due to a power outage, our wifi speed dropped so I unplugged everything and replugged everything - ran a speedtest and meshtest in the app, and numbers were fine. Now we still are getting fine co...

kmarieh by Community Member
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How to set up smart device using iphone and google wifi

How do I set up smart devices when the following are true:1: Google combines 2.4 and 5 ghz wifi into a single network name (and doesn't appear to let you distinguish between the two).2: You need to be on 2.4 ghz to set up most smart devices.3: iOS do...

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