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Nest Wifi-Can only connect 1 out of 2 Access Points

Only 1 of 2 access points will connect. When I try to add says cannot find the device. If I say "Ok Google" ... the device lights up and tells me to add to my Google Home. Have moved it all over my room, have next to it. Unplugged several ti...

coh48 by Community Member
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Hi Bought a Google nest package while in USA wonder if I can use where the outlet voltage 220v instead of the 110v in USA

Kayode by Community Member
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Resolved! Nest Thermostat

My nest thermostat says that my thermostat has been disconnected from the wifi for 4 days. How do I fix it?

New tenant

I just moved out and the new tenant needs to set up an account however the nest is still linked to my account.

Nest WiFi Router dropping wired connection

Hi, I have a Nest Router as Primary wifi point with 2x Gen 1 Google Wifi points to complete the mesh in my house running fine. I recently put an office space in at back of garden with very weak mesh connection so have wired in another Nest Router con...

DG1 by Community Member
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Resolved! Google tv chromecast speed issue

I have a google tv chromecast connected to my google nest.I can't get speed over 100mbps. The support team for chromecast say that there is a bug, the google tv chromecast can't connect to 5ghz if the channels is heigher than 40 or something. And we ...

nogoo by Community Member
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Problem with Google Nest Wifi

Have Google Nest Wifi with two points. Been working fine for months. Today work laptop using Cisco anyconnect wouldn't work with wifi, said connected with no internet. Rebooted laptop, no change, rebooted both nodes, then cable modem and no change. O...

TC61 by Community Member
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Google mini nest

I am unable to connect my wifi to google nest. I have tried resetting the Google mini nest and also my wifi router still it's unable to detect my wifi.