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Resolved! Setting up two nest routers on a single network

I currently have 1 Google Nest router with 1 wifi point. I need to connect my VMs to either network instead of wifi and I'm thinking of adding another Nest router to my network with a switch to connect Ethernet. Is this possible?

Resolved! Nest router stopped working

Hi. I have 3 google nest routers linked together in a mesh network. Today the router connected to my internet provider box stopped working. I have tried to factory reset it without success. It is not detected by the google home app when I try to add ...

benchelor by Community Member
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Google Nest wifi and Google Fiber W-Fi 6 router

I've had Google Fiber for several years, with a Nest WiFi router plugged directly into the Fiber router downstairs, the Fiber router (which directly connects to the Fiber jack) set to bridge mode, and two WiFi points upstairs. This resulted in a sing...

srporter by Community Member
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Google WiFi usage gauge is inaccurate

The WiFi usage gauge is at best inaccurate. We need this to be accurate to counter the incessant and abusive alerts for over-usage from the internet service providers. The latter have embarked into blatant, super aggressive antics to overcharge when ...

Using an unmanaged switch with my Google mesh.

I have been struggling to get Ethernet to work on my Mac. I have good WI-FI thanks to my Google mesh set up, but it seems like having it connect to Ethernet would be a good thing. I have an Arris cable modem with Ethernet running to one port on my ba...

Resolved: Setup router with 5 points

I recently had an issue with setting up the mesh, I came accross this post and still couldn't figure out until I found the solution. Sharing this and hope it could help someone. First of all, I had 1 router and 2 points. I took 1 point to the shed an...


Resolved! 2.4ghz and 5.0ghz many devices will not connect because 5.0ghz

Please explain to me with all the smart things is this world we cannot make a router that we have a choice to turn off 5.0ghz to connect many devices that will only connect to 2.4ghz i get tired of buying items and not being able to connect to WIFI. ...

smoky5 by Community Member
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A new device has joined your network - dozens of times every day

I have been getting this message dozens of times every day for the last 3 weeks. I always try to check immediately and what I then see if that whatever device that is/was, is offline. Never the same MAC address. Can happen seconds apart or hours apar...

quirkius by Community Member
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