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Alarm setting for pm instead of am

When I ask my device to set an alarm for 2am, or 0200, it will understand what I've asked and then set the alarm for 2pm. Checking settings even shows that it heard 2am. Happens on all of the devices.

Speaker groups or instigated casting not working

1. Speaker groups set up;2. Cannot: a. Use the Google Home app and select speaker group and play music; only one of the speakers will play audio b. Play audio on one speaker and subsequently elect to cast to another speaker; does not connect to other...

jalayt by Community Member
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Google Mini not working

Hi,Purchased Google Home Mini last month. It worked perfectly for 3 days, on 4th it got disconnected and when I am trying to add the device, it says "could not communicate with your Google home mini" however there is no issue with internet connection...

NasirKhan by Community Member
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Apple Music on Nest Hub Max in the Netherlands

Why Google, is Apple Music still not possible as a playback feature on Hub Max in the Netherlands? As it is available in other countries for years, why not unlocking this fir other countries? Even in English, this would be beneficial.

SjorZ by Community Member
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Speaker Connection Question

I’m curious if something is possible.Can I have a google home device be connected to a Bluetooth receiver connected to a speaker, play audio to the connected device when I ask it to, but when I don’t ask it to it plays on the google home device witho...

Wifi connection problem

We recently purchased the Nest Hub 2nd Gen and a Nest Camera. They worked fine for 3 days and now all of a sudden the Nest Hub will no longer connect to our wifi. We also have an alexa in our bedroom, and it works just fine, as well as all of our oth...

moser7396 by Community Member
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Nest Hub gen2 display issues.

A previously closed recent post stated "I'm having issues with my nest hub display. It's suddenly showing weird lines with a white strip on the side. Images are poor quality. I've tried to re-set a couple times, still having this issue." As of the la...