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WiFi x Mini

Hi All. Issue with my Mini is we've upgraded our modem and now when we go to connect speaker to Internet we're prompted there's a communication error. Have tried all troubleshoot options with all tech involved, I've even tried holding my tongue on th...

Brand new nest gen 2 cannot set up

Hi all, this thing is driving me crazy, I have tried all steps to set up but not getting anywhere ( WiFi off to connect to Bluetooth, lack of pairing, downloading another Google app, hard resetting nest gen 2, scanning barcode on screen not recognise...

Google Home Smart Speaker stopped answering questions

We had this home speaker in our kitchen for years and it’s always worked great. For some reason since last week it became unreliable in responding to questions. The speaker lights up fine to the “hey google” command but after listening, there’s no re...

c15co by Community Member
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Google Nest Mini is using it's voice to tell me Broadcasts

Hello. Within maybe the last 2 weeks my Nest Mini has been doing a "voice broadcast to audio". About 95% of all broadcasts sent from our two Home Minis coming to the Nest Mini are being read to my in the standard google voice. And apparently it misun...

JaspKo by Community Member
  • 13 replies
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hi, I have an issue with my nest hub (1 gen). when I play Spotify on my nest hub I only can hear the music. the screen doesn't open the Spotify app and when I go to the media tab and press the music that's playing it won't do anything. same when I ca...

ali1453 by Community Member
  • 4 replies
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Display multiple Nest cameras

Are you working on displaying multiple Nest Cameras on Hub Max? If not why?”Unfortunately, you cannot display multiple Nest Cameras on the Google Nest Hub Max. In terms of viewing cameras, it is one at a time, just like the Google Nest Hub.“

Lost nest access to Android Phone

Some days ago I gave my son Nick who is overseas access to my Nest Cameras. Once he was set up and working, I noticed that for some reason I lost my ability to connect to nest account using the Nest app on my samsung S10+. Before he had set it up on ...

Masscot by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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Distorted and choppy music from Google Hub and Nest Speakers

I have a new Google Hub - 2nd Gen and three Nest speakers. When playing music I get significant distortion and choppy playback. The issue will start on one speaker and then make its way around to all four devices. I have fiber to my home and had a br...

CraigJ by Community Member
  • 5 replies
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