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Viewing and following personal recipes on home hub

Ever since first seeing Google nest hubs and nest hub max’s, I’ve always wanted to put one in my kitchen to aid in following recipes. However, it doesn’t look like Google supports putting personal/family recipes in say, Google Keep, and pulling them ...

Eyinkbe by Community Member
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Google nest hub max camera issue ios

Recently purchased a hub max and set it up multiple times from iphonehome monitoring would turn on but then turn off (it was also slightly greyed out)after many attempts and calls to Google I remembered I had a Samsung s10 after removing the device f...

Dave by Community Member
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Changing Google Home wake command

I've grown so tired of repeating the word "Google" every day that I don't even use my Google Home devices any more. Why not allow users to change the wake command? In the meantime, I will go back to Amazon's devices, which do allow you to change the ...

whoobits by Community Member
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Tv Speaker issues

I'm not having Night mode .. so that Voice is too low and Music is too high.. every time I need to raise and low the volume.. it completely irritates me to the core.. I'm using Sony Bravia TV.. kindly advise..

Princy by Community Member
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Ring Doorbell

Himy partner has a a Ring doorbell system. I noticed that you can add the app to google home, but beyond that I can’t do anything with it, and I can’t get it to work at all.Do the Ring doorbell systems ONLY work with google hub? I thought and hoped t...

Si by Community Member
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Disable orange LEDs on Nest Audio

I have two Nest Audio, one Nest Home Max, one Google Hub Max, and one Nest wifi in my bedroom. If I ask Google to set an alarm, I often get two or three responses. If I turn off the mic on all but one device, the other devices show four orange LEDs t...

ErikDrakin by Community Member
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Can't get Google's attention when I have an incoming duo call

I can't seem to interrupt Google when there is an incoming Duo call. I say "Hey Google" but it is rarely recognised. I seem to need to yell it or pick the gaps in the ring tone to get the device's attention. Once successful, then I can tell it to pic...

MrMark by Community Member
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Why is Spotify having so many problems lately?

I am having more issues than ever with Spotify. There are two main problems. 1. Spotify will simply not play when I ask. 2. It will play an obscure version of a popular song. Perhaps it will play a life version or an instrumental. Why wouldn't it jus...