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Resolved! My nest keeps playing sleep sound all night

Hi, My google nest mini keeps playing sleep sound all night when I use the bedtime-routine. Earlier it stopped after about 1 hour, but now it keeps playing all night. I have activated the sleep sound country night.What can I do to make it play for 1 ...

ponkan75 by Community Member
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Can’t connect Netflix to my nest hub.

I used have Netflix and Disney set up. It disconnected itself a while ago and I tried to reconnect and gave up. I tried again today, and still have had not luck. I’ve tried unlinking and rekindling to no avail. I’ve turned if the device and back on t...

Rmac1 by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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Help with casting

Initial set up was smooth however the following day im not able to cast anything. Is this normal for people that have iOS?

Jonnyjon by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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Home speaker will not stream XM for more than a minute or two

Speaker worked fine until today. Now when we try to stream an XM Channel it cuts out after a few minutes. I have rebooted the speaker and the router with no success. I wish I could tell you what speaker I have but it doesn't say and the app won't tel...

Elrogg by Community Member
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Can't "re-verify" my voice on Google Home Mini

For some reason my Google home stopped recognizing my voice. It won't give me "calender information" such as the time, days of the week, appointments, etc" until I "verify my voice on the Google home app".So I tried doing this. The app had me recite ...

BeSocial by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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Connection issues

Guys I'm having trouble connecting my speaker I am following all the steps to then be greeted with this. What's the issue how do I fix this problem  


google nest hub max camera

hello every oneI have google nest hub max and the straleaming camera is not working knowing that the camera works fine in video calls I tried to do every thing from unplug the device to factory reset ,update the app ,restart the router ......still sa...

simahajjeh by Community Member
  • 10 replies
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Nest hub max cannot work as Thread border router

Trying to connect the Eve Motion sensor with Matter in Google Home App, but it shows I need a Thread Border router to setup Matter device. Do I miss anything to make the Nest Hub Max work as Thread Border Router? I googled about this and looks like o...

Alexfysh by Community Member
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New command errors on commands I've relied on

Ever since new Google platform rollout, basic commands are no longer working. "Hey Google, turn off all lights" now responds "I need to know which lights" And "Hey Google, play xxx on (the device name) now response "I also need to know which device t...

JonSn by Community Member
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