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Google Nest Hub MAX camera not connecting shows unavailable

I have seen the previous issue reported and followed those steps. No matter if I try to use my Samsung Note20 or my Apple phone. I cannot get the Nest Camera App to turn on the Camera on my Nest Hub display.Strangely if I try and use another app like...

mpg by Community Member
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Calendar Always On

Is there away to make the Calendar to always display and in weekly or monthly view. These seems to be a function that busy families would use to keep track of school activities, appointments etc. No brainer if you ask me.

comoped by Community Member
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Serbian language

Why doesn't it have any balkan languages?my family really likes it but would like it to be Serbian since there non-English speakers,so please, in the next update (if there's gonna be one),could u add a bit more languages since i think it's a problem ...

Uh by Community Member
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Nest network

I have a Nest Hub Max. To use the camera I need to set up a nest network. Will that take my display off of my router 2.4G network and mean it is no longer part of my speaker group? Thanks!

Can't play Stereo

When I attempt to edit a group to add a new speaker, I see a message: "You are not allowed to manage this group".I created this home and have Manager access.The group contains a pair of google audio speakersNot really sure what I can do to fix this. ...

Davesrave by Community Member
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Speed of talking

I have somes hub, hub max, google nest mini (as well as smart lighting and plug).My grandmother of 88 years old loves using google assistant but it answers her to fast sometimes when asking questions for her to properly understand.Does it have a way ...

Joennie by Community Member
  • 8 replies
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Resolved! Cannot connect to (or set up) Google Nest Mini

I have a (now older) Google Nest Mini, and ever since we switched to an AT&T network with mesh range extenders, I *can not* get this thing to connect.I've tried a hundred times, both with the usual Google Home app and the newer Device Utility app. Ev...

Google home group only playing on one speaker

In the last week whenever I cast to a speaker group it only plays on one speaker. I have restarted the Google devices, my phone and tried other android devices to cast, same result. I've deleted the home group and recreated, no change. I cannot get i...

Markyb by Community Member
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Google Mini can't connect to WiFi

I recently had a router upgrade, and my Google Home Mini couldn't connect to it. I went into the Google Home app as suggested, and reconnected - it seemed to find the Mini just fine, and the Mini bleeped as expected. The app asked whether I heard the...

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