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Google Nest Mini 2nd gen Wi-Fi not connecting

Hello, AllI have been using a Google Nest Mini for around a year now. I have changed the Wi-Fi a couple of times and it has been working fine. But now I have changed my Wi-Fi again and the Nest Mini does not connect to the internet and keeps saying "...

KK6 by Community Member
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Main music account

Hello. I recently cancelled my Spotify premium account (Android user). Now when we ask Google to play music we'd like it to pick up my wife's Spotify Premium (iPhone user).But now all it wants to do is play YouTube music. I have YouTube unlinked on m...

Nest Hub keyboard problem

I read that Google added a keyboard to the nest with 1.54update and I was so happy because I was unable to type anything ot sign in anywhere on my nest device.But why I don't have it and doesn't show when I touch anywhere on a page.You can see all th...

Screenshot_20220320-132326_Home.jpg 20220318_204245.jpg 20220318_204654.jpg
Abrashev by Community Member
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How to link accounts for Google Home Mini?

When I go to Device settings>Recognition & sharing for my various Google Home Mini and Nest Mini devices, I see some sharing my wife's account and some not. But I can't see how to link her to those devices she's not linked to. When I click Linked acc...

cajoogoo by Community Member
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Specific song version request

I requested Google home play the studio version of Nothing Else Matters by Metallica but it kept playing the live version. My music provider is Apple Music. Can I request Google home play a specific song version? thank you

CathyP by Community Member
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Force assistant to add a single item to list

I've found a problem with assistant splitting up items with longer names. For instance, if I ask to add "canola spray" to my shopping list, it will respond "Ok, I've added those two things". I've tried asking it to add an item, and the problem still ...

paulben by Community Member
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