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Nest Hub v TuneIn

I'm a fan of Google products. So much so, I stopped my wife buying an Amazon hub the other day. She wanted a "smart speaker" that could play radio on a simple voice command, rather than casting or bluetooth-ing, for when her mother is here babysittin...

Adamfog by Community Member
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Google Home Mini randomly playing music

My Google Home Mini plays music (local radio stations) at random times. I only have one Google Home device. It happens mostly when I'm not home. Tonight, it happened when I was in the shower. I was the only person home and signed into my secured wifi...

Speaker & Google Home volume don't match

When I say "Hey Google, set volume to 100%" the Google Home app will show 91%. If I say "Hey Google, set volume to 50%", once again the app is inaccurate and say it's set to 45%. I can ask "Hey Google, what's the volume set to?" And it'll say the act...

Resolved! Google nest audio not playing radio 1, and YouTube buffers for ages before starts to play music

Google nest audio not playing radio 1, and YouTube music premium buffers for ages before starts to play music The non nest, Google home and mini devices all play radio 1 and start YouTube music tracks quickly... What gives? Started 2 weeks ago.. just...

BradMcA by Community Member
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Google nest mini not understanding weather request

Today my Google Nest mini started responding "Sorry, I don't understand" when I asked it, "Hey Google, what's the weather?" I start every day with this question. My location settings are correct.I did a factory reset and still the same response.What'...

MartaEss by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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Nest Mini disconnected from wifi while I am away

Hi!I trusted Nest and connected three smart bulbs with it before going away for a month. It worked ok for 10 days but now it’s disconnected from wifi. My nest cam and echo dot are still connected fine. I need to be able to control the bulbs. Is there...

HS1978 by Community Member
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How do I tell who notifications are for?

My Google home device frequently shows a light indicating that there is a notification, but when I ask what’s up? It tells me that the notification is not for me. How do I tell who the notification is for?