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Screen time out

Hi, While watching any kind of media, movies,videos ,netflix. the screen goes back to the home screen interupting whatever I am watching.

TVergara by Community Member
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Resume Music after TTS on Google home device/s

Is there a way to resume music playing after a TTS message besides broadcast? It would be nice if Google could add this capability. I have an Alexa for testing. When a TTS message is sent, music level is lowered and message is broadcast. When complet...

CurtisZM by Community Member
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Group Speaker Not Working

I have three g home minis and the speakers were connected before, but lately the grouping i made disappears and when i create a new one, it doesn't even show up. im in a 600 sq apartment so i know they aren't far from each other. i go to the "+", the...

My Google Nest Hub Max camera won’t work

We got all our cameras working and connected to the Hub max but cannot get the camera to work on the display. It stays offline. We removed the device and started over and still not working. We don’t want to have to remove all cameras and doorbell and...

gman65 by Community Member
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Google hub display bricked??

Hi.our Hub wasn’t working properly so we attempted a factory reset and now it is stuck on the G logo.I see a lot of other people have this same problem. Any one have any tips?

Google Home not Reconnecting to Wifi???

I recently was given a google home as a gift from a previous roommate. Because of this, the GH was already set up with the wifi we have in the house. After downloading the GH app I saw that there were more options to integrate GH in to my everyday li...

nbrhud by Community Member
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Hangs up on g and reset doesn’t work

I have tried repeated to reset my google nest to factory settings in order to get it to reboot. Always hangs up on g logo. I understand this is a known issue and would like information on replacement.

Cecil by Community Member
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