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Resolved! Google Nest Mini 2 not playing Spotify song

I bought Google Nest Mini 2 through an online shopping platform. 1st unit was delivered but not able to connect to network. Returned to seller. Replacement unit, successfully connected but not responding on the Spotify. I have link the media with 'Sp...

RTET by Community Member
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nest home mini

Hello Will there be support for the Russian language in Google Nest, and when??. all systems support Google Assistant but Google Assistant does not support Russian))))

Resolved! Help me

Can't figure out how to download my Mercury camera on my phone 

TheOne23 by Community Member
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Google Nest Mini (2nd Generation)

I bought a 2nd generation nest mini about 6 months ago. It has been working very well until recently. Now, it does not respond to voice commands, ever show lights, appear in the Google Home app, or generally function at all. If I plug it into power, ...

hershey by Community Member
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The Office won’t play on Nest Hub

Whenever I ask the google assistant to play The Office on Netflix, it just searches the internet for an answer. I can get all other shows to play ok. I even got a friend to try at her house and she had the same issue. I can stream it through chromeca...

Google nest mini music alarm

I'm trying to set a music alarm on a nest mini using a playlist in youtube music premium but it doesn't work. Can music alarms only be set using single songs?

Kw by Community Member
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Resolved! can't swipe and scroll

I can no longer scroll and swipe on the nest hub. be told last, first or default. Must activate first, then double click. As a result, little can be set and without scrolling it is no longer possible to read everything. Before I did not activate by d...

Ria by Community Member
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Nest talks when I didn't say anything

So I set up my speaker and I use the home app to help. However recently my speaker will speak up and say restaurants like someone is asking for certain places it will list them. However I don't ask it and no one else is around. Then it says it will s...

Non nest speakers

I'm looking to connect and play music on a speaker other than a nest hubs, but in sync with my nest speakers. Basically I'm looking for an aux out? I want my nests to play background music throughout the house, in sync with my large home stereo syste...

Burbcity by Community Member
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