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Resolved! Wrong album played

I have my google home connected to my premium Spotify account. I regularly ask GH to play and album by an artist - eg “Hey Google play the album Volume 4 by Black Sabbath”. GH response is “playing Vole 4 by Black Sabbath from Spotify” and I either ge...

MikeC by Community Member
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HELP... GH Mini won't respond during certain hours

I assume I activated the downtime feature?? So, I went into settings and disabled downtime, but my speaker still won't respond during certain hours of the day. When I try to wake it up, it tells me, "I can't connect to the internet right now. Please ...

tk by Community Member
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google home mini

my google home mini is not responding at alllllll. i tried rebooting it but the lights on top of the speaker don't pop up or anything

wetrocks by Community Member
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Google Home won't login

My daughter is trying to login to Google Home on her iPhone XS and it won't work. It was working last week.Now when she opens the app and clicks her Google Account to login, she gets an error "Unexpected response from the server". She had been using ...

Google Home Minis not longer working

Since about a week and a bit ago, my two google home mini speakers have stopped doing their job. They almost always respond (after a good 20 seconds) with 'there was a glitch' or 'something went wrong'. Very occasionally (less than 1/20th of the time...

Resolved! Google Home Mini taking too long to respond

Whenever I say Hey Google to my Google Home Mini, it's 4 lights light up. I tell it to turn my bedroom light on, and after I say the command it just waits. I don't know if its picking up background noise or something, but every single time whatever I...

Silcat by Community Member
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Music Groups

Bought 6 different nest speakers and now I can only playmusic on one at a time, can't sync music across all. And no I am not paying for YouTube Music Premium. I spent hundreds, for a sound system that does not work.

caoconn by Community Member
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Google hub and nest camera not working

I got a new router/modem at home and had to do a factory reset on my hub. since doing that I am unable to connect the camera to my nest account. would anyone know how to do this. I have followed every directions it says to do but it keeps saying I am...

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