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Google mini Voice Commands

Last week I had trouble with controlling my receivers volume and found that I needed to use "increase/decrease volume by" rather that "Turn TV volume down/Up by" (By TV it is what my Logitech activity is called) but any way all other commands worked ...

Google Assistant wont talk to Gmail calendar

Hi, im trying to get my google assistant on the Nest to access my gmail calendar. Both use the same wifi.Gmail calendar is on both android and IOS.Any assistance would be appreciated. I did open case with Googler support however thats the last I hear...

Rod62 by Community Member
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Gray screen of death

Gray screen of deathGoogle hub not resetting to factory reset stuck on gray screen with a white G Please help


Hi All, when nest hub support Polish language?Regards   

Mr2 by Community Member
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Reset issues

I’ve had Nest Mini 2nd gen set up for a week. It required a daily power cycle or WiFi reconnect through the app. Today, it will not turn on and won’t reset after a power cycle. App is current.I tried the factory reset by holding the button. That did ...

Greenfrog by Community Member
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Nest no longer linked

My nest is saying my account is no longer linked and to reconnect through the companion app. I have not been able to get it to work. Any ideas?

Simon85 by Community Member
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