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Resolved! Nest mini 2..glitch problem, try again in a few second

Out of nowhere, my nest mini 2nd generation stop working. I have already reset it 4 times and there is always a glitch, and not it is useless. I demand a new one... Hoe come this things happen and Google does nothing? I will have Procon submit a fine...

Finish set up

Is it possible to set up my google hub if my iPhone is not able to access the same wifi? I already registered my google hub to the schools wifi devices by MAC address. The google hub connects to the wifi, but I cannot complete the set up because the ...

Aseret by Community Member
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Nest hub has no updates, unable to swipe

I just did a factory reset on my Google nest hub because I'm having trouble getting my nest thermometer to display. I am rather be at this, best is loaded in my Google home app, but not displaying. So I started all over. I am now unable to swipe left...

Amb912 by Community Member
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Resolved! Device access

I have a nest mini speaker than can be controlled via my phone, however it gives everyone I my WiFi network full access to control it and it's music, so my family keep messing around with settings and things for me to fix.I selected the option so tha...

Jaguar by Community Member
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Nest hub video playback controls

I use my nest hub, to control my chromcast. At one point the video playback controls, would disappear, or not pause when dismissed on the hub. I use the hub as my clock, and it's very easy to loose track of time (I'm autistic and rely the clock), if ...

Google nest mini cant find contacts

Google Duo is configured in my google home and I can call with Duo using my phone and people can call me using their nest minis. My nest mini picks the calls up without any problems.However when I try to call with my nest mini, my nest mini just says...

HannesH by Community Member
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Resolved! 4 White lights on Google home, non responsive

One day my faithful google home didn’t respond to my request anymore and I noticed it had 4 white lights on top, after several attempts to reconnect, nothing!!pls help (have 3 more in home all working)

Kimmies by Community Member
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Feature Request - Disable or Delete Default Routines

Please let us either delete or disable the default routines or at the very least allow us to do all the things we can do with custom routines. For example when I say goodbye, which currently triggers the default routine "Leaving Home" I want it to se...