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Google home app not working

I've had the Google home Mini for several years and it has worked fine I was able to make some phone calls with some technical issues at times. Today the Google was working for radio and telling time or weather but when I asked it to dial a phone num...

Reconnected hub but camera won’t work

I accidentally deleted my Google hub. When I finally figured out reconnecting the camera didn’t connect. When I scan the QR to reconnect, the message says it’s connected to a different account, but it isn’t… how do I reset and reconnect properly?

Demrtnz by Community Member
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Create “Radio” category?

Seems I want to set choices for Radio, which are different from Music and Podcast.Eg pref iheartradio to tunein, and set volume level, — and even Bluetooth device (separate from google assist voice sound level which is relatively way too loud).

Teleology by Community Member
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Resolved! Radio news station changed itself

Nest has been working great for some time with the correct good morning radio station. This past week it changed itself. Checked the app and still show the correct station. My Minis are playing the correct station. When asking google to play the stat...

PenNib by Community Member
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Google home

My Google home had been working perfectly, however, now when I try to use it it tells me to log on via the Google home app, which I am already logged into?

Sbogle by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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Nest hub giving warning before sunset alarm

Hi there! Hoping for some advice from the brains trust. I recently bought the nest hub gen 2, to use primarily as an alarm clock in the bedroom (trying to limit how often/ early im on my phone). I was drawn to use the hub for the sunset alarm, which ...

Helenfen by Community Member
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