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Nest Hub Gray screen

Hey my problem is the same of the other user... My Google Nest is fully functional but it's showing only a gray screen, only volume indicator is visible when volume is changed... I already tried, hard reset, 10 times reset trick and nothing solved th...

Google Home can no longer control linked tv

Every time I tell Google to turn on or off linked Roku tv it tells me it is doing it, message box on tv screen says "thinking", the it says "sorry, timers are not available". Have tried using app on android phone and iPad as well and get same result....

private routines and household routines

I have added several routines to my smart home. While on vacation my household members cannot find the routine I use for a morning routine. The routine is not visible in their google smart home app. How do I move or copy my personal routines to the g...

google nest stays in recovery mode

On our google nest first we say a grey screen with g logo. After resetting he stays in recovery mode, then you reset and he goes back to recovery mode. The google nest is just two years old. I have tried all the things to reset but the google nest st...

w1980 by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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"Hey Google, play the first one"

I have a google home device with a screen. How can I play a trailer for 'It's a Wonderful Life," using only voice commands (i.e. not walking over to the screen to tap it)?

domingo3 by Community Member
  • 7 replies
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Can't add Spotify as my default music provider

Hi, I am a Spotify Premium member but ever time I want to play music from my Sonos beam I get the message "Sorry, you don't have a default music provider". All I can select as a default music provider is Youtube. My Sonos app is linked to Spotify tho...

ghaime by Community Member
  • 6 replies
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