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Nest Hub Screen Partial Black/Dark

Hello, within the last week my Nest Hub (2nd Gen) display has changed to show about 7/8 of the screen black, or very dark. Some of the screen can still be barely seen under the blackness and appears to be responsive to touch...though it's hard to say...

Xorb by Community Member
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[French] Nest HUB Mini + Android TV + APP (TV) OQEE by Free

For dev nest Hub (i'm not sure that's ideal place)App Android TV OQEE by Free it's only use IPV6 not IPV4I have make an SSID (WIFI) For sound + movie. For use IPv6, i have make a bridge on my router For directly IPv6 connect on Freebox POP.Freebox Po...

gerald4 by Community Member
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Google Nest mini always disconnects from wifi

HiI'm posting this because i'm really deseperate, I have the google nest mini since 2 months, and since the begining the google nest mini is disconecting from my wifi every 1 or 2 days.Worst is that the only way to make him connect again is to do a f...

scalidou by Community Member
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Google Nest Hub 2nd gen, worst experience ever

I bought the google nest Hub 2gen on a store in Portugal. For starters, the device doesn't support the portuguese language. Great because it doesn't metion on the box nor the store, and a person would think... "Sure I have a google nest with portugue...

Best hub screen turns on at 5am

For a long time my next hub has turned on at 5am. It shows the click. I think it eventually turns off. There's a thread here where someone's turns on at 2am, but it has no resolution I have no alarms set and screen set to turn off when the room is da...