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Update regarding recent changes to speaker groups for Nest speakers, displays, a... Read more

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Hub stuck on grey screen

My google nest Hub is stuck on grey screen even after factory reset and recovery. Please add me to your list of how to solve the problem. Thank you.

Mvf by Community Member
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Assistant Doesn't Recognize Volume

"Hey Google, good morning." (Also good night) but no other volume issues."Good morning / night Sue. I'm sorry but I can't take your phone off silent from this device."And she turns the volume up to 100% - every time. I turn it down manually.I was jus...

Nest Hub Max - Camera Issue

Just got a Nest Hub Max and can’t get the camera to work. When I try to turn it on in Settings, the Home Monitoring Features toggle switch automatically turns off every time I turn it on. I have a Nest Doorbell (battery) and Nest Cam (battery) set up...

pjmiller by Community Member
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Want to return Google Home Mini.

I bought this product on Flipkart. Not at all satisfied with the product. Doesn't respond to song requests at all. Plays the wrong song. Identifies the wrong artist everytime.

short reply

I would enable everywhere short reply for my answer. How I can enable that? I've looked into google home app but I can't find thatThank you

Digital Assistant Broadcast message

While playing around with the Broadcast feature I asked Google Assistant to broadcast a message in 15 minutes. Now every Sunday at that time it broadcasts the message. I need to know where to find the scheduled broadcasts and how to delete them.Thank...

Google Nest Hub not displaying Personal Data

Hi there,I have recently recieved the Google Nest Hub 2nd generation, as a Christmas present. Super excited! However, our Picture frame Does Not show the personal data from our Google photoes album. We have tried everything, "personal photo data" is ...