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Resolved! My nest keeps playing sleep sound all night

Hi, My google nest mini keeps playing sleep sound all night when I use the bedtime-routine. Earlier it stopped after about 1 hour, but now it keeps playing all night. I have activated the sleep sound country night.What can I do to make it play for 1 ...

ponkan75 by Community Member
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My thermostat is working fine. I cannot operate from my android, bc it says OFFLINE.

TuneIn not working on one speaker

I have 6 or 7 of the google nest mini speakers around the house and I use the free TuneIn service to play radio. A few months ago the device in the Family Room started having issues from time to time not being able to play what I asked it to play. I'...

alanmckay by Community Member
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Is Google Nest Wifi Messing Something Up?

So I have 3 Chromecasts and have always had a speaker group between them. Then I bought a Google Tv mainly so I can watch in 4K. All good. Then I added a Google Nest Wifi and Speaker point and everything has gone haywire. If I create a speaker group ...


How do I set up the LED lights that came with the Google Nest?

Resolved! Google nest hub not showing search results

The title says it. I can ask him anything and get a response "here's what I've found..." but it doesn't display anything. "Hey google, what are the latest mega million numbers? Here are the numbers" and it shows nothing. Any ideas?

Srdjanmax by Community Member
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Resolved! Cannot find correct wifi

I have a google home mini and just moved into my dorm. I have been trying for three days now to connect it to wifi. The wifi issue is the only thing preventing me from using it. It will show the various printers on my floor, but will not show the wif...

device for audio is the device that started this routine

I can't get the device audio selection screen to choose anything, all options are grayed out and the default is "device for audio is the device that started this routine" I know I've been able to set a specific device in the past but I don't know why...

zambartas by Community Member
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For some reason Google stop operating one of my 3 island lights. I can still turn 2 on but can't 3d.

Disclaimer: This thread was migrated from our previous version of the Google Nest Community. You can continue to receive updates on your thread issue here or simply ask, browse or more in the new Google Nest Community. Original poster: B Thomas 5160 ...

Rdianco by Community Specialist
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