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Google home plays incorrect song

Google home continues to play the wrong song. 1 out of 10 attempts plays the correct song. I’m connected to Apple Music. Examples I’ve tried with no resultplay skeptic by drivewaysplay skeptic by the band drivewaysplay the song skeptic by the band dr...

Auto Framing in Duo Calls

When I first got the Nest Hub Max, Auto Framing was on by default in Duo calls. In the last several months, Auto Framing defaults to off for Duo calls. Can turn it on during the call, but the setting is not retained. It may remember for the next hour...

wtsnider by Community Member
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Reminder displays all day on Nest Hub

I have daily reminders set in Google Home on my hub. With Alexa when a reminder popped up I said "Alexa Stop" and it stopped. When I say Hay Google Stop or Go Back, it goes to the home screen, but a panel continues to show the reminder for the rest o...

raylinds by Community Member
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My Nest Hub Max camera will not sync

The camera on my Google Home Max display will not sync with Google home. I can make duo and zoom calls, but it will not hook up to be viewed like a camera it just times out after I scan the QR or enter the code. I have reset and done a factory reset ...

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Google no longer control TCP sockets

I have a Google Home hub and two Google displays to control my house and TCP sockets for lights. These have all been working great until about a week or two ago. When you ask a device to turn a light on it just says 'sorry something went wrong try ag...

JenMc by Community Member
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Nest Hub Max camera won’t work

My Nest Hub Max camera won’t work. It was working fine until about 2 and 1/2 weeks ago. I was using it for Google Duo, and also for nest camera home monitoring. Now it does not show up on my Google home or on my Google nest app. I tried resetting the...

Shon by Community Member
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Incorrect time zone

Moved from Washington state to Florida 3 months ago. Google Hub Max displayed correct time zone (EST) after moving. This morning the display is now reflecting PST. I have tried multiple solutions located in support pages but the issue has not resolve...

Resolved! Problem renaming Nest Hub Max Nest Cam in Nest app

I have several Nest Hub Max smart displays with the Nest Cam feature enabled. One of them resides in the "Kitchen" room of my Google Home structure. In the Nest app, the name appears as "Kitchen (downstairs)" for some reason, and the perfectionist in...

JRGariano by Community Member
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