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For immediate help, visit the official Google Nest Help Center where you can find tips, tutorials, and other answers to frequently asked questions.

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2 different Google Home/Nest Accounts same address?

Hi! I have a roommate that wants to have a COMPLETELY SEPARATE Google Home account at our address. We don't want ANY sharing at all. We are using a Orbi Pro Modem/Router with it's wifi turned off so it's basically just a wired router without any wifi...

Merge two different ‘HOME’ feature request

Hi my partner and I have discrete HOME accounts and have smart devices established on each (eg lights, Roomba vacuums, washer/dryer etc. we have since moved in together and now have an array of devices on different ‘homes’ that we would like to contr...

Nabs171 by Community Member
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Linking SharkClean vacuum

Been trying to link my shark smart vacuum for days now, Google home will tell me it’s linked successfully but it’s not showing up. When I check to see my linked 3rd party apps it says it’s link I’ll unlink it and try linking again and nothing. Even a...

Guapdee94 by Community Member
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I can't seem to remove my vizo TV from the old home I deleted the home to start over and now it won't disconnect

WILLY473 by Community Member
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2nd Generation Indoor Wired Camera

Anyone else having problems with a black screen on the LIVE feed, no audio on video clips, and the app freezing? Also some of the video clips show a circle with an i in the middle. The WiFi is great, the speed has been tested on my phone and I was to...

PIN58 by Community Member
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Unable to change ownership

My husband setup a few of our Google Devices under his account. Specifically our office display hub. I removed the device from his account. But when I open the home app on my account I can't detect this hub. When I open my husband's home app, it sets...

Authorization Error 400

I'm trying to give Nest permissions authorization but keep getting "Error 400: redirect_uri_mismatch"This is the URL I used (I replaced project-id and oauth2-client-id with my credentials)

matanstau_0-1653670157652.png matanstau_1-1653670183381.png
matanstau by Community Member
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I can see my home mini streaming on my phone, but no sound comes out. It has been working fine for a year now. If I cast from my phone, it works fine. I've done all the resets. Even reloaded tunein, but still nothing. The google assistant is working ...

fixit123 by Community Member
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Can I regain all of the info to my Google Home/Nest Account

I got a new phone and deleted all of the info from my accounts on my old phone. When I logged back into my google home account on my new phone, none of my nest devices are there. Ive tried logging into my account on my laptop and it shows nothing as ...

JNR828 by Community Member
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