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Google Home: Access camera history and download clips from the Web and more with... Read more

Join the Q&A on Reddit with the team behind the new Google Home app Read more

Help Center

For immediate help, visit the official Google Nest Help Center where you can find tips, tutorials, and other answers to frequently asked questions.

Forum Posts

Resolved! Lenovo link pro to google assistant

Hi there I’m having some troubles connecting my new Lenovo link pro light bulb to the google assistant app. I have already set up the device on the Lenovo link pro app, and when I try and add existing device and search “Lenovo link pro app” it always...

Monkeyss by Community Member
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Google Home App

I don't understand why the Google Home app is switching alone the Home and Away mode even if I'm at home. Do you have an answer regarding this problem? Thanks a lot.

Should I migrate?

I have used Dropcam and then Nest for a long time and like the app. I use it mostly on IOS devices and login to on Win10 platform. I am hesitant to move migrate to Google and be surprised by some loss of functionality or compatibility. ...

ae1m by Community Member
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Difficult webpage

Had problems just trying to change cc information and renewing my Subscription on their App. And finding contact information. Very time consuming there contact number 1 (855) 469-6378

Holly11 by Community Member
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Google Nest App

I have a migrated nest account and it works on my phone app but does not work on my TV. There is no option for the nest app to sign in via google. How can i sign in?

RonnyR by Community Member
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TV as speaker for Home app routine

HelloIm pretty new to this whole google home story just trying to experiment a bit. Could you please help me out here?I have a samsung TV with connected Chromcast. I added this device on my phone to the Home App and now i can control it properly(turn...

ttokesi by Community Member
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Home app help chat - I can’t answer!

I’m trying to get help through the Google Home app and I start a chat and I can get someone on the line but I can’t respond. No keyboard ever comes up on either of my two iPhones. I can’t receive a phone call either because on Google calls me I have ...

Damwam77 by Community Member
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Reconnecting Offline Devices

My service provider’s wifi had an outage recently. This caused all of my devices (google nest wifi point, nest router, hub, thermostat, speaker) to show as Offline on my app.What is the easiest way to reconnect all of the devices without having to di...

Aaron11 by Community Member
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