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For immediate help, visit the official Google Nest Help Center where you can find tips, tutorials, and other answers to frequently asked questions.

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Personal routines

I don't know if anyone knows how, or even if it's possible, but can you delete the base / already there personal routines? I won't use any of them and I can only disable them.TLDR: Can you delete the base personal routines?

Hadite by Community Member
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Samsung notification images

I don't know when l had this bit it's gone and it's basically when l used to get notifications of ppl sending like images, I can see those images in the notification bar but now everytime someone sends a photo or anything it just says "*person* sent ...

Emyluvu by Community Member
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Google keep + google Hub 2

Untill the end of 2023 we used the shopping cart in the google home app with our family.Since this has been cancelled and we have to use google keep, it's impossible for us to add anything to our shopping list with the hub. The only way we can add st...

Google Nest Hub & Vivint Connection

Vivint user here (3 separate accounts), just purchased a Google Nest Home (max) hub and I cannot complete the account link with my Vivint system. When adding "Vivint Smart Home" from the Device

Account recove

Hello google team Sir please help me because sir I am unable to access my google account because sir I forget account password and sir I also try to recovery my google account I also got otp on my registered number but unfortunately I am unable to ac...

Floodlight motion sensor failure

Purchased Goggle Nest camera with floodlight in December 2022. The floodlight worked well until about a year in service. Then the floodlight stayed on, day and night. No more light sensor and no motion sensor. The floodlight worked manually to turn o...

Paul1967 by Community Member
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Solved: Solution to Google Nest Notification Sounds on iPhone

Moderator edit: Subject updated for clarity and findability. iOS 17 uses a default sound notification (Rebound) which is soft and therefore not a very useful alert for a doorbell or camera. This sound can be changed by going into: Settings / Sounds &...

D_A by Community Member
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Home Shows Devices Offline After Switch to Pixel 7 Pro

Just migrated to a new Pixel 7 Pro and immediately Google Home app showed all lights and plugs as offline, so voice commands don't work and I have to control devices with their native app (Kasa/TP-Link). Speakers, Nest displays and Nest camera all st...

BradJ by Community Member
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Google Seamless Setup with Philips Hue Play Bar

Hi, First time posting, hopefully this hasn't been asked already. I've had a frustrating experience setting up a pair of Hue Play Bars (no hub) with Google home. I read I would only need my Google Nest Mini in the same room during pairing, so tempora...