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For immediate help, visit the official Google Nest Help Center where you can find tips, tutorials, and other answers to frequently asked questions.

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Shared Controls Notification

Is there a way to disable someone else from being able to control my Google Nest Mini from the Google Home app while still being able to have this notification myself? (See attached picture). I turned off shared controls on the app, but that also rem...

Sheridan by Community Member
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Home App scrolling automatically on Devices screen

Anyone else have this issue, on the "Devices" page it just continuously tries to move the screen to the top. See attached video. From what I can tell it's when the thermostats cycle between the current and target temperature, it just moves the screen...

Can’t change light color

I setup my Cync lights thru Home app and they turn on/off just fine. They are tunable white, but I can’t change color in Home app.I don’t have a problem with it in Cync app when I set them up there instead. It’s just when I use “Seamless Setup.” It s...

EJPhoenix by Community Member
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Edit routines gives error 404

App version Motorola e32s STBS32.36-102-10Android 12.Cleared cache, removed personal files, removed app rebooted phone and reinstalled the app.When clicking an routine/automation I get the message 404 thats an error and thats all we kno...

SMADdie86 by Community Member
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Playing music in speaker group

I have a problem with my devices. I want to create a group of Google Home speakers. I want to add a Nest Hub 2 and an Android TV (version 9). When I go to the selection menu (select the speakers you want to add to the group), the TV does not show up....

Resolved! Migrating from Nest to Google

I’ve been contemplating migrating from Nest to Google, but I’m concerned about what I’ve been reading.We have the thermostat, smoke detectors and two doorbells. As of now, only one doorbell has all the features due to our current subscription. Migrat...

Dazman63 by Community Member
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Nest lost all devices

Nest app lost all devices on my account. Recordings are no longer available. Devices are still in Google Home app and work in that app. Note I did change my google password due a lost computer, but i've logged in with my new PW

Mitch_B by Community Member
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Home/Nest wifi notifications won't stop

I'm having a weird issue!I have an older, wired Nest cam (named "garage camera") outside of my home. It was setup and is managed using the Nest app. I like being able to see it on my Home app though along with my other devices, so it's connected to H...

ashdoll32 by Community Member
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