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Home/Away routine

I have set up Home/Away routines based on phone location sensing. I have provided location permissions to both Home and Nest app. However, the app never changes to "Away" even when I am out of home for hours. it seems it is permanently set to "Home"....

abskumar by Community Member
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Cannot cancel Nest Aware after Moving

I cannot cancel my Nest Aware subscription and keep getting charged $6 per month. I have moved overseas to Korea with the military and sold the house Aware was signed up for, deleted. I get an email from Google, but cannot modify the subscription whe...

Nest "home address update" email

Today I've been getting emails every few hours from Nest telling me to update my home address in the Google Home app. My address is up to date. There is no way to stop receiving these spam messages from Nest. I have received this message SIX times to...

KS1993CA by Community Member
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Port Forwarding to IP Address

I already made some comments in the Google Wifi part of the forum, but I did not get a satisfying answer to my problem. Meanwhile I found a workaround to get it running for now, but even that is not really satisfying.Is there a way to post a feature ...

hons by Community Member
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Resolved! Big Ass Fans integration down ?

I noticed my Big Ass Fans integration stopped working a few days ago. Is anyone else having the same issue ? I’ve tried reinstalling the integration. The fans however appear offline in the Google home app. Everything is fine with the Big Ass Fans app...

Roddyg by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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Google Password Change - Can’t access my Google Home Account

I recently changed my google password as it had been several years. When I did, I tried to access my google home app and found that it had no record of my Google WIFI or my Nest Learning Thermostats that I had setup. Can I find a way to recall these ...

Chezzer by Community Member
  • 6 replies
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Trouble with displaying temperature sensor value

Hi,I'm trying to get a temperature sensor value displayed in the app but it seems like there is something wrong with the UI. It works for my Humidity sensor but not the temperature. Could someone help me understand what I'm doing wrong?This is parts ...

Dollf by Community Member
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