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All Google Home data disappeared

All of my Google Home data disappeared. When I open up the app, it acts like I never created a Google Home before. There are no buttons, everything is blank... I changed no settings I was sitting here watching TV like I do every single night, and all...

Duplicate device

Hi I had to factory reset an arlo doorbell and add it to Google home again. There are now 2 of the same device. I have hard reset the door bell 3 times and this issues is still there. Any ideas? Thanks

Xander by Community Member
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No more Hey Google

Im sick of saying hey google. Thought I could change it since all other voice assistant it’s possible and they don’t force their corporate branding violently down our throats.I was mistaken apparently it’s not possible.Please fix it. It’s a no go!wou...

Shiro by Community Member
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google nest

I am trying to getinto my googlehome app and cannot get past the choose account page, it will not let me choose an account

Linking Google Home and Nest

Trying to link Google home to nest.Add device, works with Google, search nest, select nest and I'm asked for username and password. Enter Google mail credentials and given error “If you’ve migrated your account or want to create a new one, sign in wi...

Peggie69 by Community Member
  • 9 replies
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Adding a Separate Nest Account

Does anyone know how I can add a separate Nest account to the app? I would like another completely separate account that has its own email address to monitor a second home. Thanks!

SusanB1 by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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Can’t connect 2nd phone to Nest

My wife and I have installed the app and Google home app. She has incumbent to join the household. I want to add the Nest as a new device but it keeps saying get the code or scan it. I can’t do this as it has already been installed and that informati...

IRF1 by Community Member
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