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Cameras and Doorbells

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Forum Posts

Broken Nest Doorbell lens

I mistakenly thought my doorbell was secure in place but it has fallen and now has a broken lens. Is there a way to buy replacement parts or pay for repairs, or might that be included with the warranty?

mldegen by Community Member
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Nest Floodlight cam camera triggers

I am interested in getting a Nest Cam with Floodlight but wanted to get some clarification on the Camera Floodlight trigger. I would like to be able to trigger the floodlight when people are detected on the camera, however if animals (i.e. my pet) we...

Nest doorbell puck does not work for gen2 wired doorbell

Hi, after installing the doorbell and the chime puck the chime did not work. I tried waiting 30 min and trying again and still no inside chime. I then decided to try with the puck not installed and the inside chime worked. Now with it not plugged in ...

Visitor Annoncements (India)

Hello,I purchased Google Video Doorbell white (Battery) in India and I have set it up in Google Home along with with my Nest Hub. The nest hub is able to bring up the video if I ask it to "Hey Google show me front doorbell camera" but when a visitor ...

blrind by Community Member
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Nest camera previews disappear again

On Android 12 and for most of my Google Nest experience, I have not been able to see the nest video on a dropdown notification. Always have to open the app to see the video. The previews suddenty reappered about 3 weeks ago and now have gone again. A...

dh4536 by Community Member
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