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upgrading to nest aware plus

I currently have a nest aware subscription and it had the 24/7 continuous recording but that magically went away when I upgraded to google home and now just have event recording. It looks like one can upgrade to nest aware plus to $12/mo or $120/yr. ...

Bisquits by Community Member
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Resolved! Nest Cam (Battery): I would like to keep all events, not just 3 hours.

Nest Cam (Battery): I would like to keep all events, not just 3 hours. How can I change this? I went all the setting and websites. I do not find a way to see my previous notifications, but only 3 hrs worth. Any help on how to be able to go back a day...

Vejigante by Community Member
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Nest Protect - Ability to turn ON alarm manually

Is it possible to turn on Nest Protect Alarms manually to test or to use for fire drills with your family? Is this an available feature or can it be added? Also, is there a way to sound a siren on Google Outdoor Security Cameras to scare away animals...

Kaffe7872 by Community Member
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Nest aware

I have the Nest Aware subscription, but for some reason, all of my wired cameras are not giving me constant video. Like when I go to history, it will only show me the times when there was an alert. It won’t show me anything else. It used to, but now ...

Mw0706 by Community Member
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Nest detecting people…sometimes

I just had someone come on to my property to relieve himself. Our Nest Cam did not detect him. It did detect me returning from walking my dog a few minutes earlier and then detected me checking out my property a few minutes later, but didn’t detect t...

Dpeluso by Community Member
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changing wifi on Home for cameras and lights

I disabled the Self-organizing network (SON) on my wifi router to have separate 2.4 and 5 GHz networks b/c another device needed to connect to a 2.4 GHz network. Now all my Home devices (cameras and lights) cannot connect. Im reading in the Nest comm...

muel87 by Community Member
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i’m not able to sign in my account

i have nest aware account but when i tried to sign in my account the website asked me to add my new home and make new account which i all ready have a account i don’t know why!!?

Babak by Community Member
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Nest migration is NOT optional

Google claims that Nest "Migration is optional". That's not true. It's not optional.Nest Aware stopped working. The only way to get video history is to Migrate.

Pasman by Community Member
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