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changing wifi on Home for cameras and lights

I disabled the Self-organizing network (SON) on my wifi router to have separate 2.4 and 5 GHz networks b/c another device needed to connect to a 2.4 GHz network. Now all my Home devices (cameras and lights) cannot connect. Im reading in the Nest comm...

muel87 by Community Member
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i’m not able to sign in my account

i have nest aware account but when i tried to sign in my account the website asked me to add my new home and make new account which i all ready have a account i don’t know why!!?

Babak by Community Member
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Nest migration is NOT optional

Google claims that Nest "Migration is optional". That's not true. It's not optional.Nest Aware stopped working. The only way to get video history is to Migrate.

Pasman by Community Member
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Resolved! My all systems are hacked

My google account and gmail hacked someone.also he is using my all apps.i need to protect my account and delete third party.

Nest Aware Charges

Hello,I cancelled my Nest Aware subscription when we sold our house over a year ago. I just received a charge without any advance notice whatsoever. Please reverse the charge and cancel my subscription.

TalisM by Community Member
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Feature Request - Customize notifications

I get so many false positives (spiders, moths, cob webs) the notifications are worthless. What I would like to see is the ability to customize or prioritize notifications.As it stands now the Nest Camera plays no active role in deterring a criminal, ...

redkiwi by Community Member
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YouTube tv and Google nest hub

I have A Google nest hub max and YouTube tv When I ask to play an episode of something on Google hub it always plays first episode and won’t allow me to switch to next or anotherwhat can I do