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Updates on Nest Protect and pending Scottish legislation changes

Hey everyone, I appreciate everyone’s patience as they’ve shared their feedback and questions regarding the pending Scottish legislation changes. We’re aware of the proposed legislation changes to the fire and smoke alarm standard in Scotland requiri...

RachelC by Googler
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Nest Protect false Co2 alarm

Came home to Co2 alarm from Nest Protect going off in garage. I have all 3 doors wide open and it says that the Co2 is getting worse. Moved a Kidder stand alone Co2 detector into the garage and it reads 0 meaning no Co2. Is this the result of a fault...

Jddjr by Community Member
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Nest Camera - App vs Computer

I have 2 Google Outdoor Cameras and a Google Nest Doorbell. When I installed them, I used the app on my android. So far, no problems and continues to work great.But, I'd like to access the same camera through my same account on my Web Browser. When I...

Cole13 by Community Member
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Set sensitivity from smoke detector

Hi,Is it possible to chance the sensitivity from a smoke detector?When i'm cooking in the kitchen, sometimes the smoke detector goes off in the dining romm. (there is an open connection between the two rooms)And no There is no real smoke / fire Thanx...


I changed my wifi password. Now I want to reinstall, scanned the code but I can't find the device in my wifi settings.Removed the batteries for 10 seconds but still I can't find the device. The wifi is perfect my Netatmo camera's are working perfect.

MVGC by Community Member
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Unable to connect to nest app

I have the nest app on my phone but have been trying to connect for 2 days and not working…says try again later after I put in entry key

Claireb by Community Member
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Nest Protect Missing Mounting Bracket

My Building Remodeler lost my Nest Protect Bracket for Model 06C. I have the serial number for when you are ready for it, but i just need the mounting Bracket and Wiring Harness.

rsudol by Community Member
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Stop a NEST protect beeping (chirping)?

We have had a leak come through above the Nest Protect sensor, and now it wont stop beeping.. How can i stop this, temporarily, while the plumbing issue is fixed? Thanks

unable to connect my nest devices to my smartthings portal.

Hello,I have a nest thrmostat and 4 google nest cameras that I am unable to get connected to my smartthings portal. The app verified the accounts have been successfully connected. I've been reading the threads about this issue and am not able to get ...

DArazi by Community Member
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Nest Protect Gen 2 wiring harness

I recently bought two replacement Nest Protect Gen 2 units but only one came with the wiring harness. Gen 2 coupler is different than the Gen 1 so I cant install the second one. Can you please direct me to the store where i can order the correct wiri...

DPCropper by Community Member
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