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Google Nest WiFi and IPV6 in bridge mode

Hi,There is a bug on the Google Nest WiFi. Even when IPV6 is disabled, in bridge mode, all devices in my network are receiving ipv6 addresses. The Google Nest WiFi is broadcasting ICMPV6 Router Advertisement but it should not as it's in bridge mode w...

qd73 by Community Member
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Resolved! Adding wired access point to mesh

Hi. I have a nest wifi router in the ground floor with a nest wifi access point on the second floor of a (small) 3 storey house. All works perfectly now, with about 350Mbps download speed all over the house, including the 3rd floor which is currently...

Eog747 by Community Member
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Google Wifi Setup - Connection Failed

I've purchased the Google Wifi mesh and been using it since December with no problems. due to some recent network problems, I decided to do a factory reset for my router and also my Google wifi access points. The router on it's own is working fine no...

Papa_Joe by Community Member
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Change google wifi ssid

Hi,I need to change the name of my google wifi network. The only instructions i can find online do not work - they seem to relate to an old version of the Home app? Any suggestions how i can do this on the new app? Thanks

Port Management Interface Needs Some Love

Not sure why a device has to be online and visible through Google's router for me to define IP/port forwarding. I should be able to press the add button, select "Setup manually" option, and define the IP address, ports, and protocols manually. Worse ...

Disable one mesh router

I have three Google Wi-Fi routers in my home, for the mesh network. In the Google Home app I can disable individual devices, for example a specific phone or laptop, but how do I disable one whole router? If you plug an Ethernet in you can still use i...

GLover572 by Community Member
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Wifi 6E problems on Pixel 7 Pro

Hi Google Pixel 7 Pro only supports Nest WiFi 6E? I'm using a TP Link Axe75 with WIFI 6E support and the phone doesn't see 6Ghz. Please tell me GP4BC does this model really support 6 Ghz and if it does, why can't it see the current frequency?

Version 2.0 - Canon Camera won't upload photos

Jeff,You and your colleagues answered this previously and closed the topic about a year ago. I've read the post and tried to follow the suggestion Google Home>Favorites>Wifi >advanced network to attempt to add a custom DNS, but looks like the softwar...

dahmooser by Community Member
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Wrong MAC address on the bottom.

I want you to know that the MAC address printed on the bottom of the router was wrong. I had to find it in a different way, because I couldn't connect to the Internet provider.I've never seen anything like it.

Max666 by Community Member
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Google wifi port forwarding through verizon fios router

Hello all,How would i go about being able to port forward through google wifi with a verizon fios router? Currently it goes from verizon router > google wifi then a switch downstream with all the devices. I need to log into a few nvrs on the google w...

MikeScunz by Community Member
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