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Resolved! Google Home can't find mesh point

I have had a google mesh router with one point for a couple years. I got a new centurylink modem and had issues resetting everything up so factory reset everything and created a new home account (deleted the other) I was able to add my google mesh ro...

Cmom by Community Member
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No internet connection

Is there an internet problem in Salt Lake City Utah?

PaddyOC by Community Member
  • 2 replies
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Google Wifi LAN suddenly switches from 1000mbps to 100mbps?

Hi,My main Nest Wifi point is connected via LAN to my router. This used to be a 1000mbps connection and Google Home would time my speeds to almost 1GBit up/down on fiber. Since two weeks, my internet speeds have dropped to 1/10th of that. First I tho...

jvdb by Community Member
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Connecting 2.4Ghz devices

When I try to connect my Roku lights that require a 2.4ghz connection, it won’t recognize them because it seems the iPhone Wi-Fi is the setup conduit and it is only connected to the 5ghz network. Any workaround for this?

BenSab by Community Member
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Setting schedule for LAN Port

My son ran a Ethernet cable from back of Nest router directly to PC and wondering if I can set that LAN port on a schedule with filters. Wifi already has schedules but feel he set up system that skirts around rules

Nest WiFi and virgin media hub-loss of performance on the mesh

I have the Google WiFi connected to a virgin media hub 4 with 3 mesh points. It's in modem mode. It should be a 1 GB service. On the Google router am getting over 900mb so good but the mesh points (one just 4 metres away) I am getting 40mb at best - ...

Kevmcc44 by Community Member
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Remove device from mesh network with google home

Still cannot remove specific devices on Google home Wi-Fi. Most recent post from Google specialist (September 2022), stated that Google was working to fix that problem. Has Google stopped support for Google Home Wi-Fi? Does anyone have same problem w...

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