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Resolved! Region incompatible nest wifi

Hi, I've recently bought an additional Nest Wifi Point through a reseller ( to expand my mesh network. When I try to configure this I get the following message: "This Nest Wifi point was manufactured for a different country, and may not be co...

JTP by Community Member
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Nest Wifi Switch Connection

Hello. My modem is buried deep in a closet, would prefer not to put my router there. There is also a switch in that closet that feeds ethernet ports in several parts of the house.Will the following setup work?In my closet: switch connected to modem (...

mdmcca by Community Member
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I can't connect with my camera nest cam

Helloplease help me to connect with the net camera I can't connect.I also want to make a paid subscription to google for data storage.My mail is rosianupetrica3@gmail. com . Please tell me the steps I need to do to successfully install the camera.tha...

Sanmoreno by Community Member
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Google Home App unable to detect Google Wifi routers on Android

I installed Google Wifi mesh (3 points) right out the box and faced no issues. Seemed pretty easy plug-and-play process. However, I did a factory reset of the 3 Google-wifi router system two-weeks ago due to an unrelated ISP provider issue and the wi...

Chicagoan by Community Member
  • 6 replies
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Resolved! Failure Connecting a wired segment to my Google Wifi pucks (not Nest)

We've relocated into a much larger, 2 story home (5100 Sq Ft). I've updated my kit from 3 pucks to 6 pucks. After getting all five of the mesh repeaters talking and located throughout the home, things stabilized and were working well after around 3 d...

TimInOCAL by Community Member
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Resolved! Nest WiFi will not stay in Wired mode

The Google Nest WiFi router will not stay in Wired mode when using an Ethernet backhaul. It sees the Wired connection for a moment but changes it to Mesh, which results in a weak, unusable signal. Have tried different cables, daisy chaining routers, ...

Javenu by Community Member
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Work laptop connects to wifi, but has no internet

Hi everyone, my wife has an HP laptop from work, and she is trying to connect it to the internet, but when she does it says connected to wifi but no internet. Everything else in our home connects fine, and there is internet, , and shes used this lapt...

Resolved! Want whole home ethernet

Tech recently installed Fiber box to AC-1300 with second mesh unit located on second floor with etherent hub connected to whole-house wiring in Media cabinet. As the fiber was not available on the second floor, he set up wifi connectivity from base t...

Tom52 by Community Member
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Cant connect nest. Century Link C300Z

I have tried bridging the century link, internet goes out, connect nest to LAN on back of CL Modem, then nothing happens on the nest side of things i just get a cant connect to internet message. I have added in the PPP credentials with no change. My ...