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Extending the google router wifi segment.

So I want to extend the google wifi network to another location using ether cat 5 cable. So in our house we have two acres... We have the house and we have a metal building located about 200 feet from the house. The "MESH" works flawlessly in the hou...

bjacosta by Community Member
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Google wifi pods not connecting to home hub router

  I recently purchased the google wifi 3 pack mesh system. I am trying to connect it to my original home router (Home Hub 3000) using an Ethernet cable as instructed by the google home app. I am continually getting the same error message on the googl...

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Coco2 by Community Member
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Samsung tv

Hey everyone. I have a google nest and can connect it to all other devices -iPhone, laptops but cannnot connect to mt Samsung 7 TV. It connects to the device but no internet. Any ideas ?

Egirl by Community Member
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Google WiFI Point "Connection Failed"

I have tried and failed and tried (and failed) again and again. I bought the Google WiFI 3-pack to set up a mesh at my house and had no issues. I'm now trying to do the same thing at my parents' place. Same set-up, different outcome. I have connected...

brianbrian by Community Member
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Changing lan IP

It looks like the nest wifi creates a new subnet under 192.168.86.x. This is different from my wired network so I can't access any devices from my wired computers. I would like to change the LAN IP to match my wired network. Every time I go into adva...

wise8 by Community Member
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Throwing in the towel - Random Wifi disconnection issue

Bought the router and three points this summer and it worked flawlessly. Until it didn't. Kept thinking it was something I'd done or an issue with my equipment until I found this and another forum where I discovered that the issue of random disconnec...

Google Wifi will no longer recognize mesh points

Hello,I have a Gen 1 Google WiFi with three devices purchased as a package. Two are hardwired, and one is connected wirelessly. Following a power outage, the two remote devices stopped working. I tried to perform a mesh test, and received an error me...

Clark by Community Member
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Resolved! Migrating OnHub network to Google Nest Wifi

Hi there,I just got a Google Nest Router to replace my OnHub which is reaching its End-of-Support by next year. Currently my OnHub network is already managed by Google Home app, is there way to migrate OnHub network to the new Google Nest Wifi? For e...

TheStig by Community Member
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Plug In WAN

When setting up Nest on my Apple phone via the Home App, it says the Ethernet cable does not appear to be plugged in. I am using a BT Openreach ADSL V10 Help!! Please

NeilA by Community Member
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