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Nest Wifi Mesh Signal

Okay so I've been looking for solutions but have not found anything for my mesh which I have not moved goes from Great signal to weak or offline. It will switch, come back and so on. I see others have had this issue but nothing ever resolved. Google ...

Doxboi by Community Member
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Nest Wifi Pro - Wired Backhaul troubleshooting

Hello lovely people. I have a new Nest WiFi Pro set up, and I cannot make the wired backhaul work up to speed.My setup is as follows:- Living room- Modem wall box- OfficeCurrently, the modem wall box has a wired connection throughout the house, so wh...

IhabAhmed by Community Member
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Google Wifi without QR Code and PSK

I have a Google Wifi setup for years now and I decided to do a factory reset because I'm setting it up in my new house. However the sticker with the QR code at the bottom of one of my Google Wifi unit was ripped off from using a double adhesive tape....

ariadrd by Community Member
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Resolved! Mesh won’t use wired Ethernet connection

I am installing a new Nest Wi-Fi Pro 6E. I’ve connected the system like this diagram but the Ethernet mesh does not seem to be working. The wireless mesh is working and I’m getting good Wi-Fi on my network but I bought this system specifically to use...

Erics11 by Community Member
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Use same network name as router

Can I set my Nest Wifi network name to the same name as my main router? I have an Arris Surfboard modem/router. I want to use the same name so that my upstairs Sonos speakers can access my desktop where I keep my music library. My desktop is ethernet...

mowyllie by Community Member
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Resolved! Computer cannot connect to wireless Printer

Hi,I'm using ATT fiber which connects to a Switch which connects to a Google Nest H2D. I've already enabled passthrough on the ATT router and the Nest Wifi is working fine. However my computer (hard-wired to the Switch) is unable to connect to the wi...

oracion by Community Member
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Restricting teens

How do I keep my teens from resetting the google router and creating there own google home accounts and having complete access of the devices in my house

Deez by Community Member
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Can't reset google wifi point, model NLS 1304-25

I’m trying to introduce an older Google model NLS 1304-25 wifi point to my mesh set up. I currently have two others of the same model in place and working well. One is connected to the modem via ethernet cord. The other is only connected to a power s...

rpowers40 by Community Member
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No wifi through nest

Internet works via hardwired ethernet. The nest first glows blue, then pulses blue, then pulses red. No wifi. What does it mean?

Jay18 by Community Member
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Google Nest Wifi Pro issues & Google support's "solution"

As many in this forum, the issues I've been having are:Reboot Google Nest Wifi Pro: all is great for a few days.Then:Slowdowns: some pods go from 600Mbps -> 6 Mpbs (issue persists for tens of minutes, verified with SpeedTest app, and interestingly, c...

IMG_1327.PNG IMG_1663.jpeg Screenshot 2023-01-19 at 12.26.03.png
gjouret by Community Member
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