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Most Recent Google Nest Wifi Firmware Version?

Hello,Does anyone know if 14150.376.32 is still the most recent firmware version for the Google Nest Wifi (I have model H2D)?I've experienced intermittent connectivity issues where my wifi will randomly shut off or become very slow, and I understand ...

AudreyR by Community Member
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Mesh wifi pro 6e and bt home hub 5

I am interested in Mesh pro 6e. But I read that I need to set my isp router into bridge mode to avoid duplicate NAT problems. But my bt home hub doesn't allow me to set it to bridge mode. Is there a solution to this? It might be I have misunderstood ...

Reff by Community Member
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Reboot nest wifi in rental?

We're staying at a place that uses Google Nest Wifi. The Internet is not working - tracing shows packets not going past the router. Opening the web page on the router shows that it's "online," and to use the Google home app for more information. But ...

Tacertain by Community Member
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Epson ET-3850 keeps disconnecting from Google WiFi

I recently set up an Epson ET-3850 printer with Google WiFi (not Nest). It connected to network and worked fine wirelessly. After period of not being used (several hours), it disconnects from WiFi and is not available to print over WiFi. If we restar...

Gizziedog by Community Member
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New Google wifi (not nest) and older nest point

Hello. We had a google nest router with a point (with speaker) but the main router was struck by lightning and died. The secondary point/speaker seems to work. We purchased a wifi system with 3 points(not nest, no speaker) and I’m wondering if there ...

Lwils321 by Community Member
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Gaming on PS5 with Nest Pro

Got google fiber and used their Nest Wifi pro. Speeds aren't as high as they should be but it's good enough above 200 mbps down 500 mbps up (sometimes goes higher). However when gaming on the PS5 my connection is horrible and I can't play. My ping an...

dplgon21 by Community Member
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Broadening Nest WIFI Coverage?

Hey there - looking for any tips people may have. My Nest Wifi hub is on one side of my house by nature of where the Verizon FiOs port enters my home. My challenge is that I am installing an outdoor TV on the polar opposite side of the house, meaning...

Wifi traffic

Why can I not view my wifi traffic like on other routers.... if I'm paying for a service shouldn't I be allowed to monitor what is being visited one the wifi I pay for.... I really don't understand why I can not view what devices are contacting what ...

Nickiet89 by Community Member
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WiFi weak signal strength

My mesh WiFi has been working fine until about 3 months ago when my previously strong signal between points started to drop to weak and now all points are reported as the same.My Sky TV continually drops signal causing the audio to drop out.Do I need...

Mykey38 by Community Member
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Nest Wi-Fi Pro

Nest Wi-Fi Pro Access Point - continuous degradation throughout the day. Unplug and replug….Great Connection. Then later in the day…..Good Connection……then Weak Connection……then Offline!!! WTH!!!! It’s a constant battle!!!!

Estauter by Community Member
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