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Panasonic Comfort Cloud app with Google Nest

I replaced my old router with Google Nest and now I can’t connect to my Panasonic AC through the Panasonic Comfort Cloud App. It fails every time, looking for wifi!I suspects it maybe has something to do with the bandwidth. The AC only supports 2.4 G...

Larsen047 by Community Member
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2nd wifi router for LAN acces

Hey all,Im new to this community and am not sure of this os already asked before. A quick search did not bring back any possitice results. At home k have a setup with 1 wifi mesh router with 1 additional point.The problem is that I need to get an add...

Problems with google mesh wifi speeds after increase at modem

We have Spectrum that was originally 100mbps with 1 google router with 2 nodes/points. They are about 32 feet and 20 feet line of sight from the modem/router. With this set up I got 98mbps at a wireless connected desktop downstairs from the modem. Wh...

bezeemom by Community Member
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Can’t get modem to give router IP address

Comcast is my ISP. I set up a Google mesh network and everything was working great until Comcast did some maintenance yesterday and the internet was unavailable. When they finished, my modem reconnected but the Wi-Fi router and points wouldn’t. After...

ABinABQ by Community Member
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Can't Set a custom LAN IP

I tried to change LAN IP and range, but nothing changes when I click SAVE.

physx by Community Member
  • 13 replies
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I’m having a problem connecting the Nest router to the cloud.

I have done the following to troubleshoot:I did a factory reset to the routerI pulled the Ethernet cables from the router and modem and replugged them in. I cancelled out the Google home page and reinstalled it. I am using Cox cable and they assure m...

Kat55 by Community Member
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Nest Wifi errors connecting to some specific services

Hello,I have two Nest Wifi routers set up in my home network, configured as detailed in the support pages. The setup is(✓) Modem → Google Nest Wifi router → Switch → Google Nest Wifi routerEverything was working like a charm, until I recently started...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Resolved! 14150.376.32 firmware - connection drop outs

It's frustrating whenever google releases updates to its mesh devices, it brings a lot of issues and it won't be fixed immediately. 14150.376.32 update was installed silently onto all my devices(nest wifi and google wifi routers). I observed connecti...

sulaimana by Community Member
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