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AP setting 2.5 vs 5

I get making things simple but do we actually have to ask for control over our equipment again? Either pixel or nest routers have to allow us to choose to override and use either 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz if we want. Talk about user experience, it was totally...

adding wifi nest point

Trying to set up a Google Nest wifi point. I get to the part after not having QR code and it asks for Input Set up Key.... my point only has a set up CODE on the bottom rubber. When I enter that information it comes up that it is not enough digits?

Sdmoltz32 by Community Member
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Google WiFi (AC1200) and the Hitron CODA cable modem

Is Google WiFi (AC1200) compatible with the Hitron CODA docsis 3.1 Cable Modem?My CODA cable modem is alive .. and fine.But when i try to connect my primary Google WiFi point to it .. the Google point does NOT get an IP. Does not get an active intern...

Nest WiFi Pro - No Upload

Up until a few days ago my formerly reliable, solid, and fast Nest Wifi Pro mesh network suddenly became very glitchy. After some investigation I identified the problem as my Nest WiFi Pro mesh upload not working. I can get, most of the time, a decen...

JT7 by Community Member
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Need to reboot every 3 days to get back to peak speeds

Hi - my Nest Wifi device requires a reboot every 3-4 days. It starts out with gigabit speeds through ethernet, and back the 3rd day, it's dragging slow (single digit Mbs). I'm connected to a AT&T Uverse router.Someone mentioned "network aggregation" ...

Google Wifi router cuts speed drastically

I have a Mesh Router system in the house. 4 units. The main unit is connected to Verizon Fios. Download speeds from the modem to the main router are 1G. Without any other points connected, and without any devices connected besides an iphone, macbook ...

bbarancik by Community Member
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Google wifi point is online but not connecting to the mesh

Currently, I have 1st gen router with two 1st gen points and a 2nd gen router, and two 2nd gen points. Google Home says that one of my 2nd gen points is online but when I run a mesh test, it shows up offline. I have tried resetting the point many tim...

Crashmanst by Community Member
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Google WiFi port forwarding no devices

I am trying to set up NAT port forwards on my Google Nest and when I follow the guide.Open the Google Home app Tap Favorites > Wifi > Settings > Advanced NetworkingTap Port management > Add Select the tab for the type of IP address you're forwarding....

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