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Resolved! speed differences

I have 3 nest wifi's in our church. The main one in the office, another one in the sanctuary, and another one in a classroom. The sanctuary is kind of far from the main office so it is hardwired. On wifi with my phone I get get about 500 download in ...

skiger by Community Member
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Wifi Set Up Confusion

New system with 4 points (1 designated as router and 3 points). Router and 1 point set up with no issue. However, yesterday had issue connecting next point . This morning that point is connected. Now I have the final point to set up. First I thought ...


Hello my wifi is working on my nest but iPhone says I’m offline? tried everything I thought I knew but nothing is working.

Charley48 by Community Member
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L2TP VPN failing through Nest WiFi

For many months, I have used an L2TP VPN for work through my Nest WiFi router. Starting this week, however, I have been unable to do so. The Windows error logs claim that the remote client is not responding. This problem only happens when my connecti...

David_ by Community Member
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Nest Wifi Router in Mexico

I have a house in Mexico. Can I just drag the Nest router with another access point down there and install so the house gets better coverage and speed? Or am I going to run into issues?I'm talking about Loreto, Mexico

Thomas52 by Community Member
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Wifi calling issues with Samsung Galaxy S21 and Verizon

Hello,I have a Samsung Galaxy S21 on Verizon that is having issues with WiFi calling only on my home network.All WiFi data and apps work properly on my home network. I have ATT fiber with a typical speed of 700Mbps. I have Wifi calling enabled and ha...

bdmoore2 by Community Member
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UPS for Nest Wifi Nodes

Is there any small UPS (Power) for Nest Wifi Nodes that anyone can recommend. Our power is going out due to heat wave and trying to keep network alive.Thanks in advance

zrohit by Community Member
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