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IPv6 Port Opening for static addresses

I want to open an IPv6 port for a host which has a statically assigned IPv6 address within the public subnet. Currently in Google Homes Advanced Networking -> Port Management choosing to add a port and selecting devices from IPv6 does not list device...

Port forwarding issue

There is no option to add or modify a port when I go into settings.When I follow the steps it brings me to the privacy settings.I have followed these steps but still have not gotten to the correct menu:Open the Google Home app .Tap Wi-Fi and then Set...

Igloo by Community Member
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Open source license Dropbear

Having lots of trouble with connectivity. And looked at open source license. /fake_packages/Dropbear It goes on I'll attach screenshot. Is this Google??  

sdixon by Community Member
  • 7 replies
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Correct WiFi password suddenly no longer accepted on some devices?

Just had Fidium Fiber hooked up, and a new modem installed. Plugged the Google mesh wifi in, and everything worked perfectly for a few days. Now we are noticing some devices can no longer connect- the Brother printer, now my iMac.I keep getting "inco...

miwero by Community Member
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Guest Wifi 2.4 Ghz?

I have a smart home device that can only connect via 2.4 GHz. I know in the past that guest networks on Google wifi are 2.4 ghz only so I have a guest network that I've used to setup smart home devices in the past, however this new one isn't finding ...

TenleyH by Community Member
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