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Nest wifi disconnect issues

I have been experiencing disconnect issues for my nest access points for months. They go offline and need to be rebooted several times a day. I have seen numerous posts about this over the last few months as well. When is Google going to fix this iss...

Pschild by Community Member
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No internet connection,4 points/ mesh test good.

No internet connection. All 4 mesh test good, have solid light blue lights. All worked good for the first few months, then a big storm came and system died. Have reset modem/router many times.

already port forwarded still not working

So, I port forwarded my Google Wifi on port 80 to host my website.Tried connecting on my iPad (hosting website on pc)Still won't work (btw i''m using XAMPP) Thanks mates!

ducky328 by Community Member
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Using a Nest Router as a Point

Hello, I'm trying to set a Nest Wifi router up to be used as a point. I've watched videos on how to do it and read through a lot of posts on here, many which link to the instructions on how to do it, but I'm still having a hard time.Ultimately this w...

Remove Google wifi from home app

I replaced my Google OnHub mesh network, but now I can't remove them from Google Home. And it keeps notifying me that I am disconnected from the internet. The accepted solution is to factory reset, but because it is no longer connected it has been tr...

Daily Reset of Wifi router

My Google Wifi router drops internet connection daily and requires physical power reset to bring back online. ISP modem is not touched and does not require reset. Is there a way to fix this?

Nest Wifi Pro has no 6GHz

i have replaced my old Nest Wifi with the new Nest Wifi pro , so i get benefit of 6GHzbut none of my devices is connected using the 6GHzi only see the Wifi type is ( Wifi 6 ) , but the frequest is 5GHz i tried being so close to the point but still ge...

Slow internet - issue with firmware 14150.376.32 ?

I have a Google Nest router and three wifi points set up in a mesh. Has been installed for two years and has worked great until about six weeks ago. Internet speeds will just suddenly go really slow - my fibre connection is 360Mbps, but when I do a s...

Sparkster by Community Member
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Google Nest Wifi Router delete objects

Good MorningI have seen that it cannot be managed and browser ( is possible to delete devices or update the list of those that have been connected at some po...

j2g2 by Community Member
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