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How to hardwire Nest Wifi Pro points?

I have the Nest Wifi Pro 3 pack. One is connected to my modem. The other two I want to hardwire as I have cat 5 outlets throughout the house. I cannot figure out how to get these points hardwired to ethernet so they work together in that manner as th...

pricebl by Community Member
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All 2.4 Ghz devices ejected from Nest Pro and unable to reconnect

For the second time in 2 months, all my 2.4 Ghz devices were disconnected from WiFi and unable to reconnect until I rebooted the entire network. I did look at my wifi diag app and the SSID was being broadcasted normally. No other diagnostics availabl...

txco by Community Member
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Longer ethernet cable?

Can I use a longer ethernet cable between the router & google wifi - say 8 or 12 ft ?

Google Nest WiFi speed slower than modem

Starting this month my Google Nest WiFi speed is slower than modem and I have factory reset both my router and point, but does not help.

Sheldon88 by Community Member
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Real-World Performance Test of the Nest Wifi Pro

For the more technical people who might read this, I'll break down my experience with the Google Nest Wifi Pro. This write-up covers about 2 months of usage and the speeds reported are averages over many individual tests.I tested to see if the Nest W...

Squyd5070 by Community Member
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Network map is missing?

I used to be able to see the network map which displayed which devices were connected to each Google wifi mesh point. Has that feature been removed? I can’t find the map anymore.

H2D Router Reset

which resulted in a network called setup82FC.ybd but I cannot locate password for using this newly created network via my wifi. ????

jmfraser by Community Member
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Google: A 100% Guarantee of wildly awful customer support

I've had an ongoing issue (1-6774000033648) with my wifi mesh system where it caps out 90mbps and mostly stays around 40mbps (I pay my ISP for a lot more). I get the speeds I pay for when I'm plugged directly into my Arris modem, so I know it's not o...

tdwyer4 by Community Member
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