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Nest WiFi Point keeps making Max Volume sound

My Nest Router is in my room, and I have the point upstairs. The Mesh test says it has a great connection. My problem is that the WiFi point keeps randomly making the Max Volume sound night and day, which is driving the roommates batty.I've rebooted,...

Mushu84 by Community Member
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Help! Cannot connect to WIFI

Can’t connect! I just got a Front Yard speaker and it will not connect to my existing WIFI! Help!

Nest wifi slower than incoming network speeds

Hi all,I’m having issues with my Google nest throttling down my download speed by about 50mbps. My incoming signal (Optus 5G) from the tower to my Nokia FastMile router is around 131mbps (see attached screenshot from Speedtest app, run on the wifi ne...

5FC7BBAC-94C1-40A3-A6E7-FE8714C13261.jpeg 29CCA177-5645-47E3-9E13-E614577B9935.png
MeganS88 by Community Member
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Google nest mesh is too hot

Hello, my google nest wifi went off and when I went to go check it, the best was so hot I couldn’t touch it. I have disconnected and will reconnect when it cools down.

Google Pro WiFi and Google WiFi point

Can a google wifi point be used on a google wifi pro network as a speaker only? My router died but I have 3 points with speakers in them.

Google wifi set up with new router

Just set up Hub 4000 router from Bell and I can’t get our google wifi network to work with the new router. I’ve done a factory reset on the google wifi, unplugged it and plugged it back in a few times, but the light on the google wifi is red. Thx

dmason1250 by Community Member
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Google nest set up

I am going through the initial set up and at this point it asks me to select region. I select Canada and hit continue but nothing happens.

Resolved! Google wifi in combination w spectrum router

Can I use google wifi point as an extender to a primary spectrum router or does the primary router need to be google as well? I have a spectrum router and bought a Google wifi point to extend the reach of my internet. I can’t see a way to connect the...

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