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How to locate or disable stolen Wi-Fi point

One of our Wi-Fi points was stolen from our garage, but it is still showing up on my app with a good signal. Does this mean a close neighbor is using it on our mesh? Is there a way to trace its location? How do I completely disable the point or at le...

Trshome by Community Member
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Nest stuck on solid yellow

I got my 2nd Gen Nest Wifi Model HD2 back in 2020. I used it for about 1.5 years and it worked great! Connected easily and worked on the app and with all my 15 3rd party light bulbs (Merkury, UV), 2 Indoor LED Light+2 Outdoor LED Strip Strips 3 Goggl...

2.4 GHz Devices frequently going offline

Has anyone else experienced devices connected to the Nest Pro WiFi frequently disconnecting àfter the 1.63.324946 upgrade? 160 MHz is disabled as is WPA3. I didn't see this until the upgrade. It seems the devices that are disconnecting are the ones o...

BBallard by Community Member
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Opinion: Nest WiFi Pro Is Just Not Good

I replaced my old Google WiFi system with the Nest WiFi pro (3 ap system) and have regretted it ever since.Problems Since Upgrading:Reduced Internet SpeedPlex Media Server BufferingSonos System Network IssuesGenerally poor connectivity from wifi devi...

JeffInKY by Community Member
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Hostname is Wrong in DHCP Reservation List

I have absolutely no idea if labels are correct for this post, or if this question I have was addressed in another post/stream, but I am trying to reserve an IP address for my linux 20.04 server on the router level rather than configure netplan setti...

Resolved! Slow download/upload speed

Seems this is an unsolved issue from Google that is impacting its reputation. I've been dealing with this issue for more than 30 days and I always received the same response: A Dedicated technical team is going to contact you by email or by phone. Th...

risoco10 by Community Member
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looking on how to view my wifi info!

i have a google home mini and veiw the app on my cromebook. i want to view my internet connection info. any suggestions on how to look it up

dollz7 by Community Member
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Is the Nest router also a wifi access point?

I have the kit with 2 access points but it is unclear to me if the router is also a wifi access point for the mesh. Any idea? Knowing this is helpful for positioning the equipment. Appreciate the help.Thanks,Rich

not-rick by Community Member
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