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Get to know Google Nest Wifi Pro (Wi-Fi 6E) Read more

Introducing Google Nest Wifi Pro (Wi-Fi 6E) - The better way to Wi-Fi Read more

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Resolved! connecting 1st gen Google Wifi to current Nest Wifi Mesh issues

I just recently installed a new Nest Wifi Mesh and am trying to connect the first generation Google Wifi to the network. I've factory reset one of the old access points by holding in the factory reset button, plug the power cable in, waited 10 second...

Manny by Community Member
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Setting up Nest Wifi +point with (UK) VirginMedia fibre Hub4

Hi,I'm in the process of migrating to VirginMedia and wondering if anyone has been through the process. I'm trying to switch my 30 or so devices individually to the new network before I use the Nest Wifi and Point I have to extend the range. Is this ...

dunners by Community Member
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Resolved! Mercator Ikuu smart fans break my wifi mesh Nd all connections drop off

I've bought Mercator Ikuu smart fans. When I try to pair a ceiling fan they won't pair and immediately my phone (pixel 4), and soon after my wife's phone (pixel 5) then laptops and then nest nodes all lose connection and can't connect to the network....

Resolved! Network Dependablility

I work from home and depend on my Wifi network for my livelihood. I installed Google because the previous WiFi I had was losing dependability day-by-day.After reading these reviews of the Nest Wifi, why would I want to switch to something that will o...

gawkc by Community Member
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Resolved! Problem Connecting Nest WiFi to Epson Artisan 730 Printer

I am using an Epson Artisan 730 printer that is WPA-PSK (TKIP/AES) WPA2 compliant. Things were working okay until recently when I switched on WPA3 security on my Nest. Now I can't connect to the printer to print or scan. When I check the network conn...

fp-444 by Community Member
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transfer google wifi to different google account

I used one Google account to set up Google WIFI in the Google Wifi account more than a year ago and a different Google Account to set up everything else in Google Home. I have migrated the Google WIFI to Google Home but it is under a different Google...

fhodsoll by Community Member
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Google Mesh Slow

My Google Wifi Mesh (Gen 1) has been working fine, but now it's suddenly running slow. I have 1 Gig fiber service (At&t) and Google Home reports around 800M speed, and on my computer I'm seeing about 400M speed when connected wirelessly to the base G...


I am trying to see if an other device is connected to our wifi however the Google Home instructions tell we to open the wifi button but my Google Home app does not have such a button.

Move your Wi-Fi network to the Google Home app today

I would if I could! Nothing has worked, and I mean absolutely nothing. I can't access my account - my work uses google e-mail and I get switched to that. So I can't get a password send to my google e-mail because it goes to my UMich e-mail. When I tr...

ppwhite by Community Member
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