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Google WiFi point

Do I have to keep the google WiFi points plugged in at night when I’m sleeping? Or does unplugging and plugging it back again need a reconnect of the point to the WiFi? Because I unplugged it once and it wasn’t able to do anything before I had to man...

fios_user by Community Member
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Google's Known Product Issues

I currently have multiple Google Nest products with major known issues. Some of these issues are with my Nest Audio speakers and the other is with my Nest WiFi. It's rumored that Google is well aware of these issues and working to fix them. The probl...

nickp001 by Community Member
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Connecting Wi-Fi

Can’t connect my tvs to internet 

WoodRed by Community Member
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setup Google wireless mesh using a T-mobile Gateway Router

I have a wireless internet signal being sent to a wireless gateway. I added a google wireless mesh router with a new network with a CAT5 connection from the google mesh router to the wireless gateway. The problem: I needed to remotely try to recover ...

pvick999 by Community Member
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Interference with Home Theater

I have a 2-point Nest Wifi mesh in my apartment that had been working fine until I set-up a new 5.1 home theather system with wireless rear speakers. The speakers connect to the soundbar via 2.4GHZ and it is causing wifi to be extremely slow in the l...

jonmelim by Community Member
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Devices showing wrong connection properties in Google Home App

Setup:1 Google nest router with 4 wireless add-on points and 1 wired router acting as a point. The first router is wired to the ISP modem/Router. The modem/router has all router functionality disabled and is acting as a modem only. The second router ...

sredmyer by Community Member
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wifi/MAC address

Hi,I want to know how to find my Mac adress? On NEST HUB

chancy242 by Community Member
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Black screen adding Nest Router to Google Fiber

I am having trouble setting up my Google Nest Router (model H2D) as part of my Google Fiber 2Gb network. I had the router and extender setup on my Fiber 1Gb service, deleted the network (from Google Wi-Fi app) when the 2Gb service was installed and I...

Runvs by Community Member
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