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AC1200 VS AC1304

What is the difference between Google Wifi Mesh AC1200 vs AC1300?

MARCELO by Community Member
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Google Nest LAN port not working

I setup Google Nest Wifi this weekend and I cannot get the LAN port on the router to work. When I connect it to me docking station the ethernet lights are all off and my computer shows no ethernet connected. I tried powering everything off and on (bo...

Resolved! Wireless router + Google Wifi?

Hello everyone, As I am quite "mobile", I don't use a wired router, but a wireless one with a sim card... Can I still connect the Google/Nest wifi with my wireless router at home? Thanks in advance

Nest router won't work at new house

I recently moved and my router wouldn't work at the new house, so I factory reset it hoping that would fix the problem. It has not. Now when I go to set up the router I get to the point where it says "creating your network, this may take a few minute...

Leif135 by Community Member
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Nest Set Up & Network Security Key ?

I have a new Nest Hub Max & WI FI Router Point- however during set up to connect to the Wi Fi I am prompted to enter a Network Security Key for Set up ? How / Where do I locate this Security Key ? as this appears to be different from my existing Rout...

Tomboy77 by Community Member
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Failed to update blocking Policy

Can’t unpause TV via Google Home app. Error message reads: “Failed to update blocking policy of Family WiFi group. Please try again later.” Issue appeared following today’s update of the Google Home app. Restarted Nest puck with no success.

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