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Best Wi-Fi fails to connect during set up

Hello,over the last 3 months my Neat Wi-Fi disconnects and I have to factory reset to get it to work. Now I’m trying to set it up again and it’s failing to connect and or failing to create network. I have internet at the modem, this is super frustrat...

Sjasa by Community Member
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Connecting wi-fi point to nest mesh

I have a couple of older Google wi-fi points. I replaced the network they created with a mesh router and points, but would like to add the older units back in as additional points. When I plug them in, however, the Home app never shows that they conn...

LenG by Community Member
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Google mesh problems when connected to Skype

I have a 4 Google mesh devices in the house. In general I'm happy with the results. The 900MHz WIFI is cut down to 50MHz by the mesh and it's acceptable for my phone and Window PC. My Wi PC was having WIFI connection problems and I decided to run a p...

Mario37 by Community Member
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Slow/Fast Speeds But Wildly Inconsistent Minute to Minute

I have been having an issue with my Nest Wifi for over 6 months and can't seem to solve it. I am on a Verizon gigabit connection, although my speed tests in the Home app usually don't exceed 900mbps (but that's a Verizon issue). I have 1 Nest router ...

Wifi setup- Additional wifi point

I had two Google Wifi devices, one stopped working. Internet provider replaced both devices with two new devices. I set up my main wifi point with no issues and when I went to add additional it it won't connect. I've spent hours troubleshooting the i...

Melissat8 by Community Member
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Slow Upload Speeds Nest Wifi with wired backhaul

I have Nest WiFi set up with a wired backhaul. I have a main router, and 2 routers being used as points. I have Cat 5e cabling set up, and have tested the speed between the jacks to ensure I am getting the appropriate speeds through the cable. Setup ...

swalsh2511 by Community Member
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Mixing WiFi and Ethernet Cabled Devices - Solution

Some time ago I asked for help in setting up a Google WiFi Mesh. I could not find a way of getting devices in the mesh to talk to devices wired to my ISP Router.Several people, especially MichaelP, encouraged me to try again with everything connected...

GWFM Config 2d.png
Davy123 by Community Member
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google nest device speed test

hi.i accidentally came across a test in Google home to show speed of each of the devices in my nest network. I now cant see how to replicate it. .. any thoughts?

HS2 by Community Member
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Operation timed out and couldn't be completed-Google Nest Wifi

I have a Nest Wifi system and have the router and one point working perfectly. I'm trying to add another point and I get all the way through the process until the last step where it says it's taking care of the final bits. That runs for a couple of m...

jfrazell by Community Member
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