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Slow Google wifi on mesh and hub

On the google home app, testing the download/upload speed gives around 800 and 900 mbps. When testing an internet speed over chrome through wifi as close to the main hub as possible, I'm getting around 200 mbps. Around other mesh points, around 20 fe...

I need to restart my network daily

I am having major issues with the wifi. I have a 500Mbps Download and Upload that works perfectly using ethernet. My phone, iPad, and all the other devices once a day get super slow and I can't do anything unless I restart the network (if I ran a spe...

raffakele by Community Member
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BT SmartHub 2 - Google wifi pro with wired mesh

Hi,I have just installed BT fibre broadband and have the ONT active. The kit came with BT SmartHub 2I am renovating so have fully wired the house, with 3 wifi points (one on each floor). I have purchased google wifi pro with 3 units to service each w...

sallyJ by Community Member
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Routers Nest and T-Mobile

Set up Nest router to connected to T-Mobile router. I now have a separate password and the connection switches between the two. Does it matter or should I fix and how?

vandecal by Community Member
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Nest Wi-Fi Pro upload speed less than 100 Mbps

I just installed a 3 Nest Pros and the upload speed on Wi-Fi seems limited by Nest Wi-Fi pro. I have AT&T Fiber 1 Gbps symmetrical, which I get if I'm using AT&T's router. However, after enabling IP Passthrough the Nest pro provides 600-700 Mbps DL b...

ishan747 by Community Member
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Can’t connect Vivint alarm to google Wifi

My vivint alarm recognizes and connects to the Wi-Fi, but it says there is no connectivity and I can’t access any of my cameras. Need some help. Is this a firewall setting or something?

Mbales by Community Member
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How do I get the Nest WIFI Routers be points?

Hi there, I have 3 Nest WIFI Routers and 3 access Points. Photo below shows 1 router and 2 points, but I would like to utilize the 3 routers and 3 points that I have to maximize my coverage....its a big house on three floors. I have my Telus modem co...

FBS32 by Community Member
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New wifi, issues with everything offline?

Hello, I got a new wifi and everything said offline, so I reconnected everything one by one and they all still say offline. What do I do to fix this?

Sarah20 by Community Member
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Macbook Pro connecting to the furthest wired wifi point

Hi Community, I recently bought a set of three Nest Wifi Pro's to upgrade my home network. My house has a basement, main floor, and an upstairs. The wired router is in the basement. The mesh is set up in a way that each of the points have great conne...

wardanb01 by Community Member
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