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An update for our Nest Secure, Dropcam, and Works with Nest Users and Developers Read more

Update for Nest x Yale Lock and Nest Detect Users Read more

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Google Max Hub hacking into my home network

I own 3 Google max hubs I use them mostly for music I like the sound and also to view my cameras hat I have in front of my house when their working, Googles product works when they allow it to work. I have know control over the product I bought the c...

كاميرة مراقبة نوعية انكر لا يظهر بثها من قوقيل

السلام عليكم قمت بربط حساب كاميرة المراقبة نوعية انكر بحساب القوقيل وتم ربط بنحاج ولكن عندما اريد فتح بث كامير ع قيوقيل تظهر عكلية بدا الربط للبدا البث من كاميرة ولكن يتظهر لي رسالة فشل عملية الريط ولا اعلم لماذا مع علم بان كامير تظهر في حساب القوقيل...

Option to add guests in Nest App missing in June release of app

I have a YaleXNest Lock and previously have been able to add guests. I found today that I no longer had the option to add a new guest. Currently I only have 2 guest codes active. I find when I go to edit/change either of those I don't have the option...

DTrDav by Community Member
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Questiom about the sunset of secure

If we have the secure also acting as a google assistant speaker, will that portion still function after the sunset date? Or will google assistant speaker functions on the secure also stop?

Diddy by Community Member
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Nest × Yale Lock Add a Passcode w/o App

Can I add a passcode using the Nest x Yale lock keypad? I do have a master passcode for the lock and want to add one more passcode and the lock is not connected to wifi.

jkoender by Community Member
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I cannot lock my door with the ap, guests codes no longer unlock the door

Yesterday my Nest Yale lock stopped allowing guest user codes to work. The only code that works is my personal code. So I had to give it to my guest so that they could enter the condo. The cleaners code also no longer works. It also stopped sending m...

RPL by Community Member
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Nest x Yale Lock - Perimeter locking

We purchased a new Yale Lock to work with our Google Home. How to set the lock to unlock as we get close to it and lock automatically after leaving?My mother-in-law has the same lock but a generation older, and when they get within 2km of the house i...

AshleyC by Community Member
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Impact of Nest Secure sunset on Nest Protect

I have not yet seen Google address the impact of the Secure sunset on Nest Protect. Specifically, the problem is that many home insurance policies require professional monitoring of fire alarms. This will no longer be possible for the Protect once Se...

rsw1 by Community Member
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