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Update for Nest x Yale Lock and Nest Detect Users that use Nest Hub Max as a Ran... Read more

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Nest Secure is pretty much obsolete now that T-Mobile is shutting 3G

T-Mobile has announced they are killing their 3G network on Jul 1 2022. Since Nest Secure was shipped with a sim card from T-Mobile and had offered a $10/month connectivity option from T-Mobile for the backup cellular connection, I see that the featu...

shanim by Community Member
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Resolved! Yale lock icon not showing in Nest home

Hello! I have connected my Yale lock via nest connect. Trying to configure lock/un-lock via nest app as per article but am not seeing the Yale lock icon in Nest home. Can someone advise, ammissing something….

Loki_05 by Community Member
  • 2 replies
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Resolved! Is the ability to add guests ever going to be fixed?

I cannot add guest codes to my Yale lock due to a bug in the Nest app.You cannot use the Google Home app to add guests. You cannot use the web site either since it only allows adding family members (is there a reason for this? If the website allowed ...

James7 by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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Batteries run down in a day or so, unable to use guest locks

I've been having a lot of issues with the Nest lock and app lately. Yale lock said it looks like it's continuously dropping offline and I should contact you. Here are the problems.1. The batteries die very quickly within a day or so.2. None of the lo...

jkom by Community Member
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Nest Yale Lock Pairing error T013 (4096)

I cannot pair the yale lock to my Nest account. I have the Nest Connect, Front Door Camera and Thermostat all connected and working fine. I just can not get the Yale lock to be added. Any help would be appreciated.

JJClown by Community Member
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Deadbolt doesnt lock fully.

Hello,I have recently installed the Nest Yale Lock. When testing it the deadbolt will come out about 95% of the way and then 'get stuck' you can hear the unit trying to attempt to fully lock it. This is without the door being closed to rule out the s...

p3rs1st by Community Member
  • 4 replies
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Nest X yale lock

HELP!!! I Installed my Nest X yale lock. Trying to set up the app and add device. QR code will Not scan. Serial number on device and box are 11 numbers app only allows 10 number entry. Put in the first 10 numbers and it just loads and loads never cha...

Nest Yale Lock Disappeared

My Nest Yale lock has disappeared from my Nest account. It's a rental home where I currently have guests so I'm hesitant to go over and reset the lock if there's another way to troubleshoot.Anyone know what may have made this happen or have suggestio...

Emillio by Community Member
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Auto lock at preset time

I want to automatically lock my front door at a specific time each night. Or check that it is locked. I can do this with my garage door…why not my Yale lock? Or am I missing how to set this up?thanks,beth

BamaBeth by Community Member
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