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Update for Nest x Yale Lock and Nest Detect Users that use Nest Hub Max as a Ran... Read more

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Snooze motion

I NEED to be able to snooze a camera from detecting motion. If someone I want is working near the camera. I can’t have it go off every 5 seconds. Super annoying. Most other smart cameras have this feature.

Bndggl by Community Member
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Nest Yale X and Connect issues

I got 2 Yale X locks w/ Nest Connect.Day 1 - I install 1 Connect and Lock - Everything working fine, all appears in APP - No issues.Day 2 - Prior to installing 2nd lock - the 1st Connect went offline. I process to install 2nd Yale X and Connect anywa...

MC1112 by Community Member
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Next x Yale - bolt turning backwards

Hello, When I go to lock the keypad it seems like the bolt is moving in the opposite direction. You can manually lock it from the inside and it's smooth, but you can't lock it from the outside using the keypad or the app. Any ideas?

acobu by Community Member
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Neat won’t connect

So I had to move my nest from a different home to my new home. The nest guard is updated, on the same wifi as my phone, it has been rebooted twice now (as well as the nest and Google home apps) and connects fine in the nest app. However when I try to...


I'm having trouble with my Chromecast Google Tv, it's a device inside of my device and it disconnect my wifi, it's these people upstairs that does it. LG 3K4D(99).. please remove it out of my pairing. C4:30:18:47:59:99.. help me please

Nest security lock

I own five Mini Mansions in the same area how do I set it up where I can change code after the guest leaves and I live in another state?

Icon Settings on nest yale lock

Hello, so I just installed a nest yale lock on our front door. Install was successful. However, I noticed that there is no settings icon on the keypad - just the numbers, the check icon and the back arrow. Is this new? I'm seeing that icon in the vid...

Bo17 by Community Member
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Add guess access to single lock only

I have a guest room and want to add a lock to it that only the guest can access without giving him/her access to other locks in the house. Can't seem to add a unique code to a different lock

Yale lock disappeared from nest account

Hello, My Yale lock has disappeared from my NEST account on a rental property that is a few hundred miles away from where I am now. I am unable to get tenants a new code for entry. Any advice is welcome. thanks!

nbweber by Community Member
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