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An update for our Nest Secure, Dropcam, and Works with Nest Users and Developers Read more

Update for Nest x Yale Lock and Nest Detect Users Read more

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Replacement for Nest Detects.

When Nest Secure is decommissioned on April 8, 2024 my existing Nest Detects will no longer work.I am researching replacements. Don’t like the ADT option. Looking for something less obtrusive like the current Nest Detects.I’ve found a product from a ...

Boomerut by Community Member
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Nest Connect Will Not Setup

My Nest Connect, for my Nest X Yale lock, will not connect. All it does is flash blue before 'going to sleep'. I went through every troubleshooting tactic I could find. Heres what I tried:Restarted my phoneReset the Nest ConnectTurned off Mobile Data...

Ycmford by Community Member
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Don't have control of my device

I am lost control of my device and my accounts my ex friend has had my accounts but now she's using either Google nest or Google Home to control my device and change everything in my account I'm not too tech-savvy So I'm not very sure how to get this...

Deadbolt stuck

Hello,I have just installed my Nest Yale lock, calibration and Nest connection went smooth. Also managed to lock it from the Nest app successfully for the first couple of times, once I tried locking it from Google Home app the deadbolt got stuck, eve...

Aziz92 by Community Member
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Transitioning Nest Yale lock from Nest Secure to Nest Connect

I received the following reply to my original question from Lance:I’d be happy to help you with the Nest x Yale Lock. Let’s check it out. To change the bridge through which your locks connect to WiFi from the Nest Secure to the Nest Connect and also ...

Boomerut by Community Member
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Unable to login and reconnect nest devices to app

We have multiple Nest devices (most are pre-Google). Have a new phone and now unable to log back into my original Nest account on the Nest home app which is keeping me from being able to connect all devices in the app.

Migrating Nest Secure to free ADT - Verify Purchase Account Error

I took up the offer of a free ADT self-setup system in replacement for my old Nest Secure and only just opened it up to start the installation process, You have to download the ADT+ app (fine) and go through the account setup process. This is when it...

lomarah by Community Member
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Nest Secure users in Canada

First time posting here. I live in Canada and have a Nest Secure in my home. Been receiving emails that support for Nest Secure is ending (what a crappy move by Google; I had ADT before getting Nest Secure and they sucked). I contacted Google about r...

Nest connect won’t connect to WIFI

Nest connect will not connect to WiFi - I’ve tried to the reset method - I’ve tried the move to different location - I’ve followed all instructions - I’ve tried to manually install along with scanning the QR code and nothing - it will not ...

Jeffsc08 by Community Member
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