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External Bluetooth Speaker

I have an external speaker connected by Bluetooth to play relaxing music at night. Despite advise in the set-up, everything is playing through the external speaker including responses and alarms. I only want media to play to the external speaker. How...

ChrisB72 by Community Member
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Nest Hub Max camera stopped working

I have the same camera issue with my Nest Hub Max as so many before me. I used it for Google Meet calls with family. The device is about 2 years old. For about a year, the camera has been having issues not turning on during a Google duo call. I'd res...

Add room temperature to mobile app

I now have two nests thermostats controlling two AC units on two floors - and am constantly checking the app for inside / outside temps on when to open and shut windows and minimize energy use. the mobile app currently shows you what each zone is set...

Jwade by Community Member
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Screen so dark can’t set it up

New nest hub max screen is so dark I can’t even see to set it up. I did try a factory reset holding both volume buttons and makes no difference. Any solutions for this. Incredibly disappointing from google on a brand new device.

DET by Community Member
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Nest Audio speakers not connecting to Airplay

I know it is only recently that the Nest Audio speakers are compatible with Airplay. I do not see the two Nest Audio speakers I recently set up in the list of speaker options when selecting the output option for playback. I bought these only to use t...

Resolved! Google Assistant trouble controlling Sonos Arc soundbar

For a year and a half, I have had problems sending commands via Google assistant to my Sonos speaker, the Arc (with it's own GA capacity). I just SOLVED this problem. The problem: when I say, "OK Google , next song", for example, or ask it to change ...

ougosney by Community Member
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