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individual minis vs. group

My system has a router and two points. If I add minis, can I group the two points and the minis, but also use them separately? For example, can I have whole house playing same audio when I want it, but also have visitors control their own minis in th...

GerM by Community Member
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Resolved! Is there any way to use a Nest Hub Max on a guest network?

I just got a Nest Hub Max today, because my Echo Show 8 died. My living situation is that I rent a room out of a house. Our WiFi is split, one "guest" network and the other two for the security cameras and the homeowners own network. My echo seemed t...

Google home app problem connecting to cloud

Been a long time user of the Google home app to automate & connect my smart home.I have 2 nest mini's & 1 hub and a Chromecast for Google TV with some additional smart devices (lights, thermostat, etc..). Due to some connectivity issues when streamin...

Kevindb by Community Member
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Resolved! Google Nest Hub Screen Burn

Hi,I have 3 Google Nest Hubs & 4 Mini's, one of the Nest Hubs has started with screen burn, it's not been nocked or dropped, I even bought screen savers for them when I purchased them.I have seen that this can sometimes happen & I wanted to know how ...

Black screen

My Google nest screen is black I tried all the plugs etc I miss it should I just bin it ,?

Rite12 by Community Member
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Music / Radio choppy when using group

For the last few weeks I have been having issues when using a group of speakers (Google Home speakers). This is true when using Pandora or listening to NPR. The audio becomes choppy on the various speakers and then finally stops. All the speakers see...

dancerj by Community Member
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Cant connect nest hub to wifi

I have a model H1A nest hub that won’t connect to the wifi. It was connected previously and worked fine. Then it lost connection and on a factory reset it worked again. Now nothing will let it connect. My other google devices at home such as gen 2 ne...

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