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Nest mini audio

I have Google Nest Mini (2nd gen), and I gave observed that it's volume gets decreased slightly more it was louder a month ago, but today it's audio can't even reach at another room.

Speakers and displays say im in wrong location

Hi i have 3 Google speakers in my home. (UK). Hub Max, Hub and basic nest speaker. for a long time all was fine but for some reason all 3 now tell me I am in the wrong location. Same street name but about 17 miles away. I have tried to reset all 3 sp...

rhawkes23 by Community Member
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Multiple google accounts - Common Cookbook

Hi, We have multiple google accounts that cook in our kitchen and we want a single "Master Cookbook" vs many.We do have a master account, and each one of us are part of a family group and. How do we configure our nest hub and android phones to always...

FanHere by Community Member
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